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I forgot how much I love Vegan Vacation time of year!


I hope all of you get a chance to come to one of our events sometime in the future.


Tons of photos already and it hasn't even officially started yet.


Photos like this....is what it's all about. From 3 different parts of North America, coming together and becoming instant great friends!



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More photos to come.


Great pics taken today too with Octopussoir. He's the biggest one around now. We have 3 bodybuilders in the group so far, so that is pretty cool. We also have 4 cyclists and a bunch of others too


Great times!

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Some favorite photos:


The Vegan Vacation hasn't even officially started yet, but we've been having an awesome time over the past few days with the group that has been here hanging out.


Here are a few of my favorite pics so far...........I'll try to explain them later.....so many late nights, not a lot of energy late at night......


But I'm sure you can figure some of them out.......others you won't be able to figure out


See http://www.myspace.com/veganbodybuilding for brief descriptions.....

























































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Now we're at the cabin and haven't even left the house by noon......we have a river/stream right outside the door, forest all around, etc.


We were in the hot tub last night, lots of time online and goofing around and some great farting last night!

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Great times during Vegan Vacation!


Now I'm catching up with work!


Speaking of that:




It may sound silly, but I want to support this forum as much as I can, so I want to offer a free t-shirt to people who encourage non-forum members to vote for this forum in the VegNews Magazine Awards Contest. If we win that contest, we'll get tons of exposure and tons of new forum members which will enhance our overall community.


Here is how it will work.


I will give you a free Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness t-shirt to you for every 25 non-forum members you get to vote for www.veganbodybuilding.com as "Favorite Vegan Forum" in the contest here:




While you're at it, please encourage them to vote for Robert Cheeke as "Favorite Vegan Athlete"


Essenially it is dollar for every vote, paid out in clothing


Our NEW shirts are $20 plus $4.95 shipping, so basically $25 and you'll get them for free when you tell 25 of your friends to vote for us!


They must be NON-Forum members. I have someone helping me promote this contest within the forum already.


This will basically be on the honor system.


When you send out the e-mails to your friends, family, etc. please have them confirm that they have actually voted. So please don't contact me until you have 25 confirmations.


Use myspace, facebook, or your e-mail contact lists to reach people. For some of you, this could take less than 5 minutes to get an e-mail out to 100+ people and get 25 confirmations.


Easy and quick way to get ahold of some of our awesome new clothing you've seen many of us wearing around.




Questions....contact me



An e-mail may look like this:


"Hey Friends,


The website forum I use all the time, as well as the website forum creator, are both up Awards for VegNews Magazine. Please visit this link and vote for www.veganbodybuilding.com as "Favorite Vegan Forum" and Robert Cheeke as "Favorite Vegan Athlete."




Just by voting you get entered into a drawing for a FREE trip, and by voting for Robert and Vegan Bodybuilding, I'll get a FREE Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness t-shirt as a thank you from Robert because I helped promote the contest.


Thanks so much!


Vote here:


http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=2fkh_2bW3o9fkbEWraGcnM9Q_3d_3d "

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I'm having a great time with friends in DC!


We'll have more meet-ups soon as veganpotter, Lean and Green, thendanisays, and others meet up with me at the AR Conference!


I'm also nominated for 2 VegNews Magazine awards so "Everything is Awesome" there too!


www.vegnews.com to vote.


Thanks lovelies!



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I am LOVING DC! Not just for D.C. but because of the great people here!


I'm staying with potter right now...just about to go to sleep but thought I'd share a couple of fun pics!









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I'm sure it is getting annoying by now, but there are only 2 days left, so I'm still encouraging everyone to vote in the VegNews Magazine polls!




Please vote for OUR forum and me




All is well. Heading to Eugene this weekend so it should be fun.


Had a nice workout tonight and now it is sleep time.

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We've got new videos on the front of www.veganbodybuilding.com


I'm in Venice, CA and loving it!


In fact I think this is where I'll move to. I've talked about moving to L.A. for 3 years during winter time and never could afford it, but I think I'll make it happen this winter. I'm also going to spend part of my winter in Hawaii and possibly Orlando, FL and maybe even D.C. for a bit.


Anyway, everything is still awesome and I'll be training at the Mecca tomorrow after a stroll along the Venice Boardwalk

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I'm also going to spend part of my winter in Hawaii and possibly Orlando, FL and maybe even D.C. for a bit.

Wow,I didn't realise you liked Orlando, Florida this much.

But we are called the Sunshine State for a reason, and I know you're always trying to get some sun. That doesn't happen a lot when you're in Portland, Oregon!

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Yeah, Orlando may be a place I hang out for a bit. One of the Girls Gone Green girls came to visit me in Portland so we started hanging out a bit and I may visit her this winter...and while I'm there we can train and check out the new restaurants


I think Hawaii is a place I'll be for sure and my mind is set on Venice, CA right now as the main place to move for the winter time.


Gotta stay warm!

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Having a GREAT time in Venice, CA.


Going to Gold's Gym later. Already walked by and said hi to Charles Glass who was kicking it outside. Then walked on the boardwalk which is where I'm headed again in a few.


My host is fantastic too! He's a member of our forum but hasn't posted yet...he will soon. He seriously rocks!


I also have to thank Richard for all the help with the promo stuff for this speaking tour I had out here. I gave some great talks and Richard helped make it possible!


You can read some of the feedback here:




Anyway, great times. Thanks Rich!


Back to the sun.....time to relax a bit..Yesterday was a 16-hour day non-stop.

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This is my 4th day here and I haven't used my camera once......I know.....I know......for someone who has about 1000 photos of himself on the internet, it is a strange scenario..maybe I'll take some before I leave...but I plan on moving here, and joining Gold's so there will be plenty of opportunities for pics.

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