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I have done yoga since i was 15.


I have done pilates for 4 years.


Now, I study pilates with one particular instructor.... for the last 8 months or so.


He calls it power pilates.


It's very intense. He combines several different styles. I routinely hear people in the class moaning because they can't hold the position. Everyything is done at a high intensity with little or no resting. it's about 45 minutes. I usually start dripping sweat 15 minutes into it. He warns new people that his style is nothing like yoga and is not relaxing at all.


I will try to post some specifics of what we do later, don't have time at the moment.

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cool to see you back on here. How are things in L.A.? I might be there over the winter.


I need to start doing a bit of yoga. I'm not flexible at all and I enjoy yoga, so I could benefit greatly from it.


All the best, catch you soon.

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okay, time to revisit this old thread



i have never hurt myself doing this "power pilates"

power yoga should be no different. just make sure you warm up and stretch before you start. and avoid any problem areas for your body, like if you've dislocated a shoulder before, you should lay off of side planking or if you have a bad neck you should avoid plow. i have a dirty mind, so i have to sit in the corner when i do it.


now i haven;t hurt myself unless you count massively buring abs or glutes, which does tend to happen the next day... but usually only if i do high intensity. and that's good pain anyway. (for instance my hams and abs are sore today after doing an hour of high intensity power pilates last night, which sucked because i didn't plan on doing it since i had done a full leg workout the day before but when it's a former navy seal barking at you to lift your legs over your shoulder, you can't refuse)


i like to cycle pilates just like rob and other cycle their weightlifting. low intensity twice, high intensity once. like that. i think they might go back and forth 1:1, but for pilates, unless your training for a cage fight or something, you don't need to go high intensity all the time. having said that, even my low intensity pilates still beats the stew out of normal "stretching type pilates" because it focuses so much on core training. apparently i;m doing what a lot of seals and speznauts do in their training.


anyway, if anyone's interested i can type up a little routine. it usually just involves taking something from normal yoga or pilates and perverting it into some type of torture. like you would do a side plan, only instead of on your elbow, you'd be on your palm and you'd stack your legs. so you'd only be on your left palm and the outside edge of your left foot (and vice versa). then to torture yourself, you'd lift your right arm stright up and your right leg as high as you could. if you're flexible, go for a 90 degree angle. hold for 10-15 seconds. then rotate the leg forward so it's pointing in front of you in the same direction as your nose. hold for 15. then roate back behind you as far as your hips would go. hold for 15. back to center. lower the right leg. lower your body and breath, then turn over and do the other side. the key things to remember when doing that are to maintain a straight line through your spine. top of the head straight down to your left foot. and to keep your palm directly under your shoulder. and don't fall. i see people not using their abs or glutes enough while doing that and they will wobble back and forth.


most of this stuff is about control and isometrics. so move slowly. unless you're doing high intensity like i did last night and then it just feels like cardio hell.


anyway. just thought i'd visit this old topic. ciao

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