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KETOSIS - atkins for vegans..


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i know all about the atkins diet and i was thinking i'd do a vegan option for a week for two and see how it works out for me.


I have a menu all planned and ready and it's all vegan and i have my keto strips all ready.


i'm going ot get super slim for summer! does anyone want to join?? it would be great to have a buddy! let me know.

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I wouldn't recommend any version of the Atkins diet.

Inducing ketosis, which is a state that also can occur in diabetics and is NOT healthy, doesn't seem very wise to me.


Instead, you could get 'super slim' by going raw or following Dr. Fuhrman's "Eat to Live" guidelines.

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You should rethink this.


First, ketosis is a very dangerous, extreme state for the body. There are two main natural states, in which the body enters this state: 1) some stages of pregnancy (demand caused) and 2) starvation (supply caused), both states of extreme stress on the body, with the body reversing many processes in order to survive. Second, the ketones allows the body to more easily consume its own muscle, so you are going to lose muscle tone.

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I went on the vegan atkins diet for kicks a few months after I quit track...I lost some weight but not as much as I wound up losing when I just trained...I also don't think I could have trained on that diet because I didn't have alot of energy...my skin started to feel oily, and worst of all the food was fun for a bit then it got really boring

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well soy milk, coconut, nuts, leak and other low carb veggies, tofu...


advocado... it's bound to work.. i will keep you updated! i'm starting tomorrow as today i had to finish all my lefovers because i dont like throwing away food.

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Low carb veggies???? Its kinda hard to get any veggies in while trying to go into ketosis...fruits even more difficult...surely it will work but you may pay for your trouble

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I don't see how a vegan Atkins diet can work for you Bloom.

My soy milk has 9g carbs per 100 calories.

1 quart of soymilk has 36g carbs and 400 calories


1 avocado has 30g carbs and a little over 300 calories.


I can't see how you can get enough calories to live with few enough carbs to achieve ketosis.


Kathryn's advice on Dr. Fuhrmans "Eat To Live" is the best diet to be on.


I'm trying to slim down also, the closer I follow Dr. Fuhrman's diet the better I do.

My diet is high in carbs. As many as possible from whole foods

As little as possible from refined foods.

Refined carbs are the carbs to avoid.

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When I did it I ate bean soups...very little veggies. I also ate lots of nuts and fake meats which make me feel like crap since I hate too much salty food. I did lose weight but it just wasn't worth it

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Here is an interesting debate with many doctors at a United States Agriculture Agency forum.




The transcript is not as long as it appears (double space with many blank pages.) You can easily read it in under an hour. First 60% is presentations by each doctor and last part is a somewhat debate.


Dr. Atkins looks foolish in it. Earlier, a doctor makes a good point that as a doctor or scientist, you do research and from the findings make recommendations (what Drs. Ornish and McDougal did); you do not make recommendations, then try to do research to prove your opinions (what Atkins did or trying – he admits he had done no research at this point 2000.) HE also admits his diet is nutritionally deficient (must take vitamins) and he admits he would not recommend his diet to anyone, except overweight people (he does not answer why he would not recommend it for everyone.)


Here is a foolish part where he admits he has done no research (claims he did not have funding, then states he would be first doctor to fund his own research.)


Note: To avoid confusion, the numbers are line numbers from the transcript:


DR. AYOOB: Just because it was brought out about


22 Dr. Atkins' claim to reverse heart disease, and he said he's


23 working on the data, but he's been making this claim for a


24 long time, and that's what I --


25 DR. ATKINS: No, I haven't.










1 DR. AYOOB: Excuse me.


2 DR. ATKINS: I haven't been --


3 DR. AYOOB: Excuse me.


4 DR. ATKINS: -- making that claim.


5 DR. AYOOB: You just did, and you don't have the


6 evidence --


7 DR. ATKINS: Before.


8 DR. AYOOB: -- to back it up. Now, this diet has


9 been out there for 30 years or close to 30 years.


10 DR. ATKINS: And I haven't been able to fund the


11 study.


12 DR. AYOOB: Excuse me. Excuse me. Ten million


13 books in print, and you can't fund the study?


14 (Applause.)


15 DR. ATKINS: Now I can, and I will be the first


16 doctor to dig into his own pocket to do a study, and it will


17 be me, but it was the first time I had any money left.


18 DR. AYOOB: Ten million books. You market the


19 vitamins. You sell the vitamins --


20 DR. ATKINS: Now.


21 DR. AYOOB: -- to correct the nutritional


22 deficiencies.


23 DR. ATKINS: That's true. That's why I'm doing


24 the study now.


25 DR. AYOOB: You market them. I keep saying --










1 DR. ATKINS: That's why I couldn't do it before.


2 DR. AYOOB: You market this. I say this is not


3 for the public good. This is marketed. This is a money


4 making proposition.

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Here is another funny part.


Some doctors are talking about Dr. Atkins’s own research (he shared his partial study with them) showing many people, strictly following his diet, lost hair, developed bad breath and headaches and were irritable.


Dr. Atkins side-stepped some of it but here is what one of his answers was:




Whether the sweet smell of


22 ketones is considered bad breath or just sweet breath is a


23 matter of opinion.

Edited by 9nines
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Oh...thats one thing I forgot. My breath was terrible. I couldn't believe it...even with vegan food. After a week I could even taste my bad breath(and not just morning breath) and brushing only helped for a little while. If you can smell your own breath you stink...if you can taste it your gross

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At university, I unknowingly did a kind of atkins type thing. I was trying to get the RDA of protein, and nothing else, so I would measure out enough peanuts to get me 63g of protein (which is what I had read at the time was the RDA of protein), and then I would basically just eat those peanuts throughout the day. It was only about 200g of peanuts. I would sometimes eat a slice or 2 of bread and maybe a couple other things, but the main thing was just those peanuts... That amount of peanuts worked out at about 1100 calories, and about 20g of carbohydrate, and about 85g of fat. I did lose a lot of weight in this period of time, but I didn't know what I was doing, and look back at it and think 'whaa?' because that's not how I'd do things now... not at all

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Sounds scary, I have had some dealings with atkins, i did it as meat eater and a lacto - ovo veg. I felt nasty, and gained back more than i ever lost. If you do it as a vegan, be sure to not eat too much soy, (which is what you would have to do with fake meats and fake cheeses) too much soy can really mess up your thyroid (by slowing it down and it will mess up lots of other things in your body) I wouldnt suggest anyone doing it but, good luck.

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ok i'm NOT goignot do it.



I have never felt so unwell in my life.


i know i got all the 'i told you so' but ..... but i cant explain.. everything is to intence right now.. i wish i coudl just stop eating all together. I HATE FOOD!!!

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i cant explain.. everything is to intence right now.. i wish i coudl just stop eating all together. I HATE FOOD!!!
I'm a bit worried about this, since you've said before that you had an eating disorder in the past.


Please try a healthier way of eating, like the Eat to Live system, or a high raw diet. Lots of fresh fruits and veggies could make you feel better. And who could hate lovely fruit!

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Kathryn are you a raw foodist? do you have any pointers for me. I know i have so much more evergy when i go raw. but i could never keep it up (because of my mum)but she no here now.


it was my birthday 3 days ago and i'm going to buy myself a juicer today as a B.day presie to myself (lame) oh well.

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Kathryn are you a raw foodist? do you have any pointers for me. I know i have so much more evergy when i go raw. but i could never keep it up (because of my mum)but she no here now.



No, I'm not. I play with it once in a while, and this summer, I stayed high-raw for about 2 months, maybe once a week going all raw but I've gotten back into eating more cooked stuff again. I'd find it much easier to stick to raw/high raw if I had a grocery store near me that had a good selection of organic produce. There's one about 45 minutes away that is an organic paradise (almost all their produce is organic, and in better shape than the paltry local selection), but I don't have time when I'm working to go their as often as I did this summer.


When I was eating mostly raw this summer, I found it really important to keep a variety of fruits and veggies available, and to have some basic foods (like greens and avocados for salads) around at all times. I also found that reading about raw food and watching DVD's (Alyssa Cohen has a good DVD/book combo www.alyssacohen.com ) helped keep me motivated.


Happy belated birthday!


And I think it's great you're getting yourself a juicer for your birthday!

I always get birthday presents for myself, because I don't have any family any more to get me any, and I don't really get great gifts anymore like when I was a kid! Instead of feeling bad about it, I just get the cool stuff for myself!


What kind of juicer are you getting?

If it's a homogenizinig one, you can make nut buttters and banana 'ice creams" with it as well as juices.

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