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It's been quiet on this here thread, so I figured I'd gripe about something.


Ever have an off day? You head out as gung-ho as usual but after a while you just start feeling like you don't have "it". I had one last night on a group mt bike ride. Started strong, but then I got a flat, then I bent my rear der hanger. And there was a newbie there who kept getting almost-dropped so we took turns at the back to make sure he wouldn't get totally dropped. If we were on the road we would have dropped him no question, but out in the woods it's a different story. I might sound a bit like a mtb snob here, BUT, there was a fast group, a medium group, and a slow group, and he insisted on coming with the fast group...grrr. The last part of the ride had no stopping, and I had the caboose for that part, so I ended up going sloooow. I think he was in the small ring the whole time.

Anyway, by the end of the ride I felt like it was all a waste of time. I hate that. Very dis-satisfying.


Ok, gripe over. Let me know what a tool I am.

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I definately feel like I am having an off week. So far I went and lifted twice and I could barely lift my normal LOW weights at HIGH weight reps...then this morning I went running and around mile 4 I started dry heaving...


Also I was feeling some chest pain which is odd and I felt kind of cold.


I just started taking a B12 supplement today...so maybe that will help.

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