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I used to have issues with my joints.I thought I was at the beginning of developing arthritis. So I started taking those vegan glucosamine supplements. I tried the corn-based one and I can't remember the other But, anyway, neither did a damn thing. I gave them each about 5 months!


Best thing was changing my diet to fresh, raw whole foods, honestly. This made a huge difference. I flooded my body with minerals with all the greens .


But I'll tell you what supplements worked -- and very quickly. Jarrow Formulas, BioSil, (I used the liquid drops, but they now have it in capsules) and MSM. Using these two is really great for joints -- Awesome stuff.

Both are also the best beauty products one can buy; your skin, hair, and nails will improve -- that alone may make them worth it I find these at all the vitamin shops, whole-foods-type markets; so you may not have to order online. The BioSil is only by Jarrow; but MSM is offered by many companies. I like the fine powder rather than the granular.


Jarrow Formulas consistently offers good products. They also have a Joint product, "Flex-Zyme", which you may be interested in or their Veg Glucosamine, neither of which I've tried; so I cannot tell you if they are effective. But, if I wanted a veg glucosamine, I'd give theirs a try, just because they have a good record. Notice, too, with all their bones and joint supps, they suggest taking the BioSil with it for best results.


Good luck, and I hope you feel better.

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Flax seed (ground and sprinkled on cereal or in a smoothie) is a good addition to the diet as well, as it has antiinflammatory properties. www.veganessentials.com sells a flax powder that has some other joint nutrients in it (including vegan glucosamine).


One problem with joints is inflammation, so avoiding inflammation-producing foods (animal products--that's a given, most grains, most nuts) and emphasizing anti-inflammatory foods (veggies--especially greens, fruits, almonds, quinoa/buckwheat/millet) can help.

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Will something like MSM make the tendents and ligiments stronger so there less likely to tear?


The sulphur in MSM is supposed to help with tendons and ligaments, I think. Also, it's good to take MSM with whatever other supplements you are taking, as it will help them be absorbed in your system.


MSM comes from DMSO, which has been used to heal lame horses. One property it was found to have is to transport other substances into the tissues (which meant that some people giving horses a rub-down with it would inadvertently absorb toxic substances that they had handled before or after).


Vegan Essentials has a glucosamine/MSM and something else tablet that might be helpful.

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