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This is the best thing I've ever seen!!


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Well, the penis part I was talking about is at the very end. He basically says that cows and all other natural occurring vegetarians have seminal vesicles, (the place where the sperm is stored) like human men. So naturally, human men would be vegetarians, and when they dont eat a vegetarian diet it has bad effects on their prostate (and other parts of male organ health), causing enlarged prostate, difficulty unrinating, and infertility. Carnivores do not have seminal vesicles. Very very interesting and informative. The whole thing was concentrated on dairy, and how much the dairy industry has paid and is paying to cover up the truth about dairy, and how deadly it is. He is actually filing a lawsuit against the American Heart Association because of their failure to admit the dangers of dairy on the heart. He also points out that we dont need the calcium in milk, and why would the American Heart association tell us we need to stay away from high saturated fat and cholesterol, but not admit milk is bad for us. Why would we need to risk our lives by consuming such high fat content to get all of our calcium? Very very good video, I was so interested in it I watched it 3 times, but then again.. Im a nerd.

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