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2 months and going strong


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I'm Andrew. I went vegan 2 months ago after being ovo-lacto for several months. I've been a member over at VF the whole time, some of you may recognize the name.


I'm aiming for the magical 300/400/500 split by the time i've been vegan for a year. Tommorow i'm starting powercleans tommorow thanks to my colleges kick ass weight room. Majoring in commercial music with an emphasis on recording at Millikin University.


Just looking for another place to gather more info, recipes and tips on being a vegan/weightlifter.

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Welcome aboard! Please put some more Information about you in your profile and into you intro.


Ahhh lets see, well i just put in my location, my AOL thingy is in there as well.


Ahhh lets see, i plan on starting a vegan/vegetarian club at my school and having a vegan BBQ. Every dorm room hosts an event and there is one other girl in my dorm who's a vegan. With her cuteness and my browbeating, i'm sure we'll get it done.


I love music. Anything really, mainly indie stuff of all genres. I play trombone. I love computers. And of course, i love animals and nature and always have since i was a baby. One of my first words was brocolli and one of my favorite books was the Avocado Baby.

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300 lb bench, 400 lb squat, 500 lb deadlift. At the rate i'm going at i'll probably have more like a 300/450/525 split hopefully.
Thanks for the clarification... no wonder I had no clue, but I figured the figures had to do with bodybuilding and fitness =)
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