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ok, i need some input, so here's the deal:


my goal is to bench press 300 lbs. by April 1. right now, i don't know my absolute max, but i know i can do 225x7 (unassisted). below are some stats and my training history. i'd really appreciate your thoughts on whether or not hte goal is realistic, some *tricks* i could use to bump up the last few lbs., diet tips, etc.


age: 19

years training: 3

Height/weight: 5'8, 170 (and i don't have stubby arms lol)

vegetarian date: jan 06

vegan date: may 06


thanks in advance

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Sounds reasonable to me, you are in an age when gains come quickly. Think you should be good for around 120kg at the moment, 15kg gain in 7 month is good but does not sound impossible.

As for tricks, it would probably be a good idea to have a powerlifter help you with form, can probably make quite a bit of difference.

For diet, eating as much as you can would probably help .

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Aye, gaining weight is a really good way to boost your bench


I would say that you are at perhaps 125kg/275lbs already at the moment. As Bronco says, powerlifting form will help you greatly. I think also doing a periodised routine, ending with one rep maxes will help condition you to move big weights for low reps.


Good luck with it - I am also very close to 300lbs - 297lbs at the moment!



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go to http://www.weightliftingdiscussion.com/routines.html and check out the gaugler routine. It is a great way to increase your bench.


I wouldn't even touch anything as complicated as this. If strength gains is what you're after then just benching will increase your bench. There is always a lot of unnecessary assistance in such programs and the volume tends to be designed for people who are 'supplementing'.

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