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How bout almonds? I have several handfuls left and i was considering sprouting them. I'm considering going raw when i dont have to have a university meal plan. All freshmen need a 2 meal a day one.

You can't actually sprout nuts the way you do grains and beans. Instead, you soak them (6-8 hours, basically overnight, for the harder ones, like almonds, 4-6 hours for others), then drain and dry (or dehydrate). The soaking starts the germination process, removes antinutrients, and make the fats and proteins more digestible.


You can also soak seeds to increase their nutritional value, and even sprout some, but sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds start to turn bitter if sprouted too long (after a day).


YOu can also soak and germinate buckwheat (www.sunorganic.com offers sproutable buckwheat, oats and other grains that are often hard to find in a sproutable version), soaking it for only 15 minutes (otherwise it gets slimy) then rinsing every hour for 4 hours, and letting it germinate for a day. Dehydrate, and use like 'Grape Nuts" cereal


Many grains, like wheat, spelt, kamut, quinoa, etc. are sproutable as well.

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