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For the puppy who was baked alive, you can help!!!


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So, I don't know all the details, but, a puppy was baked alive after being beaten, duct taped (at the mouth and legs) dipped in paint, set on fire, and then baked in an oven by two teenage boys. I'm so sad and sick over this, I searched trying to find an answer, and more details.. I was sent a bulletin containing this:



Send a message of how you feel to [email protected]

she is collecting these messages and giving them to the DA, Paul Howard. (who will read them at the sentencing of the boys who did this)

You can also send a message to Gov. Purdue at http://gov.state.ga.us/contact_dom.shtml and do it online. It is an election year and November is not far away, perhaps the life of little St. Francis was sacrificed in order to get Georgia to re-address and change our animal cruelty laws and penalties. I do commend Paul Howard for taking a stance with this case and sending a letter to Gov. Purdue (a veterinarian, btw)



SO, you can say how you feel and it could make a difference!!!


PLease send something..



this is REAL...

sign petition. dog burned in oven. these 2 must be put away




The Molden brothers are accused of covering a puppy with paint, hog tying it, then trying to set it on fire. When that didn't work, they baked the puppy to death in an oven!


Inez Marshal, president of the community association at the Englewood Manor Apartments in southeast Atlanta where Joshua and Justin Molder lived stated:


(from news article):



He was still in the oven; he was tied, said Marshal.


All four feet were tied together, his mouth was duct taped and he was dipped in beige paint, she added.



District Attorney Paul Howard quoted: "Not only did they not have an explanation, apparently they went out and bragged about this to other young people in the community, brought them back and showed them their work."

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Even people who don't care that much about animals should see how cruel and sadistic this is.


I remember when Jeffrey Dahlmer was finally arrested and convicted, and his cruelty to animals was revealed, there were actually ads on TV that talked about the link between animal cruelty and what most people see as 'more serious' cruelty to humans. That might be a point that some can bring up in their messages.

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It's not people. It's society. Little things just get played off. Parents are complacent. And then things like Columbine happen. Things like this happen.


I guarantee you they blame rap or metal. Not the parents. Not the system that constantly screw over impoverished minorities and has been proven to do so.


We all do stupid horrible crap when we're young. Some take it to horrid extremes.

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The saddest fact is that more and more extreme animal cruelty cases happen everyday Over here penalties for animal cruelty are so ridiculous it isn't even a deterrent and I doubt its high on the governments list to get changed !



Makes you ashamed to be a member of a "nation of animal lovers" really !

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