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Fun with Food!!

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OK...here I go...I ate 27 bean burittos once when I was 14 or 15...they were on sale at taco bell. I've also eat two extra large pizzas on many occations(I used to work at Papa John's when I was 15). Two quarts of Vegan Icecream. I've eaten two whole blueberry pies during a movie and wanted more. I've eaten an extra large slice of Pizza in one bite(it was very hard to chew). Four cups of rice(before cooking) with alot of soysauce and garlic was pretty normal for standard daily stuffing for me...when not in a contest mindset. I've also eaten 4 cups of oatmeal(also pre-cooking) on many occations. And I used to eat a big box of cornflakes(organic style) with two quarts of soymilk nearly ever day when I was in the dorms...just as daily snacking...never tried to get a banana record but I'll give it a go once I get my bike back...I'm trying to not eat too much at the moment and I'm giving my legs a needed rest.


Odidnetne...I'm quite impressed with your peanut butter time...I'll have to give that a shot when I'm off my all raw kick and down to weight...maybe at the end of my winter training...was that with water or without...I think I'd have a hell of a time swallowing that without liquids...maybe a peanutbutter smoothie would help and it wouldn't quite be cheating

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