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training for wrestling

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Does anybody know how I should train to be good at wrestling?

I quiet recently because of other commitments and now I want to get in shape before I get back into it.

Previously I found my conditioning was lacking, along with arm and grip strength. I'd also like to lose weight.

Any excercises I can do in an ordinary not particulerly well equiped gym?

At the moment I do most muscle groups and as much running as I can. My silhoutte is shrinking but I'm not losing any wieght.

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Though I have grappled fairly extensively, I have never done folkstyle, or greco wrestling, so I will glady defer to any real wrestlers here. That being said, hanging a towel over a pullup bar and doing pullups while gripping the towel is a good grip builder. Hanging one-handed from a pullup bar until your grip fails is also a good one.


As far as conditioning, sprints are hard to beat.


Im sure there's much more that can be done....

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I've been meaning to post this for a few days. But I haven't been home enough to find this program. This was published in a magazine a few years back which I tore out and kept.


Wrestling with Success - Victor Munoz


Warmup - 15 minutes on stationary bike


Abdomen - supersets (no rest in between) (sets x reps)

Hanging leg lifts (2 x 15)

Kick Frogs (2 x 20

Crunches (2 x 25)

Leg lifts (2 x 30)

Victor sit-ups (2 x failure)



Bridges with a weight plate on top of your head (four angles: front, back, right, and left)



Walking lunges (2 x 40)

Stair climbing with dumbbells (2 x 20)

Deadlifts (2 x 12)



ower cleans (3 x 8-10)

One-arm dumbbell presses (2 x 15)



Pull-ups (up to 50 count)

Barbell rows (2 x 15 and 10)



Incline bench press (2 x 15 and 10)

Dips (up to 50 count)



Biceps, barbell curls (2 x 20 and 15)

Triceps, close grip bench press (2 x 10 and 6)



Dumbbell calf raise. Start with 20lbs and continue until you reach 50 lbs. Complete as many reps as you can, and then stretch your calves.


Jump Rope - 15 minutes


Although the article doesn't say, I am assuming you do this program 2-3 times per week depending on how heavy you lift and your recovery period.


Hope this helps!

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