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Daywalker, I think you have met more forum members than me now!


You have to sit down and write a long story about it when you get settled! You've traveled around the world meeting members from this site and other sites and I think it is totally awesome!


Of course it was an honor for me to meet you as well, thanks for coming out to Portland!!!!


I am really interested in reading/hearing about all of your experiences meeting up with so many people I've been able to get to know via cyberspace.


All the best with your journeys.

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hey man, I dunno if you'll check this today or not, but I talked to the main dude at my gym, and he seemed to think you won't need a full induction afterall. Hopefully you'll only have to fill in a form and be shown around, shown where fire-exits are, and answer a couple of questions, should only take about 15 minutes. Won't cost you anything either they say Hope you have a good time in London and hope the journey is easy.

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