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Any books/dvds that teach posing?


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I am wondering if any of you know of books or dvd's or other "self-help" ways to learn and practice poses. I have a home gym and don't go anywhere (by choice) - but I realize that focussing on specific muscle groups and targeted flexing would benefit my weight lifting program.


Advise anyone?

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I don't know about a book, but there are a few tips i can give you.


- Try to find someone who knows how to pose. It's really important to have direct feedback when you pose without a mirror.

- Look at pics in magazines for the 8 mandatory poses. Try to copy them in front of the mirror at first. When you're comfortable, close your eyes and then hit the pose. Open your eyes and check if it's okay.

- Have someone taking pictures of you while posing.

- When hitting a pose, start building up from the bottom: take your stance, flex the legs, the core, the arms in that order. Try to always flex all muscles.


- In a posing routine, remember that you should only show your strengths, and hide your weaknesses. Choose individual poses. Keep the mandatories as much out as possible, only include them if they really show your best sides.


Have fun - and post some pics

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Thanks RDAndrew & Daywalker. I'm gonna get the Posing DVD.


As far as posting pics - I'm in the summer shape up challenge - which is almost over. You'll see that I'm not anywhere near contest material - since I just started weight lifting after 4 years of illness (I all healthy now!!) But I've been working dilligently to get in shape and I'm really happy with the progress I've made so far!

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I have a VHS tape called "perfect posing"


I haven't watched it in a while so I don't remember how good it is, but I'm sure it is helpful on some levels.


I'll add it to the lending library in the classifieds section at the bottom of the forum (soon) and you can borrow it.

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