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great video regarding the g8 summit near rostock/germany2007


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  • 3 weeks later...

A few years ago these fuckers destroyed the inner city of Gothenburg. Still today 98% of Gothenburgers wonder why. For some reason they thought it to be their right to punch arbitrary human beings in the face and smash stuff.

When people talk about this the general conception is that some people needs violence in their lives to feel alive. Usually these people will find organizations and events that fit their taste. Rostock will be such an event and all the fucked up organizations will be there punching people in the face.


A dialog about global warming, globalisation, human rights and alot of other issues were set up here in Gothenburg between all kinds of groups. But the retard fuckers fucked it up. It was like the dialog never took place. If you are oing there to protest peacefully you might as well stay home because the fuckers will be there again doing what they always do, punching people in the face and desroying all the positive things that could evolve from the event.

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It's not my intention to come to Rostock to get violent, but to protest peacefully. I don't think staying at home is a good option, people need to show that they don't agree with the views of our so-called "leaders".

I know that there are a lot of dumbasses only showing up to riot and get drunk, I doubt that these people are politically active at all

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