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I dont know whats wrong with me :(


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maybe someone can offer advice. im totally breaking out in rashes. i thought it was poison ivy on my legs but its been like two weeks now. now my face is red around my mouth area. 2 weeks ago the doctors prescribed me steroids for the poison ivy, and i took the pills as reccommended, except i missed a day and started them up again to finish off.


also, i dunno if the face issue has anything to do with the poison ivy issue, but i've always had clear and glowing skin, except for about a month ago.



was on birth control pills 2 years, stopped taking them early this summer, then just stated like 3 days ago again. the face thing has been acting up for about a month now. could be my body adjusting to not having hormones in my body, then readjusting to them again?


it could be my body reacting from the steroid treatment from the poison ivy too, but either way...


maybe its somethign entirely different. anyone have any ideas, anything? i just want my rashes to all go away could it be a food allergy? stress related? sleep? diet?


no idea please help, if anyone can.

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I am allergic to poison ivy (not just the run-of-the-mill, "I rub against it and my leg breaks out" reaction, but a systemic reaction, where I can rub against it with my foot, and break out anywhere (arms, torso, face).


This summer, I had two outbreaks, both ended up on my face. I tried to go the 'let it take its course' route and avoid Prednisone, but when I ended up looking like a burn victim, with flaking scales of dead skin on my face, with no sign of it abating after 1 1/2 weeks, I finally caved.


If you have a systemic reaction, it can show up anywhere, and, according to some literature that comes with an OTC scrub/lotion, lasts about 4 weeks (and the author of the info, some dermatologist PhD guy who wrote an entire book on the subject), most courses of steroids don't last long enough, and it can come back worse than ever after you are done taking them.


Also, most of the time, one's reaction to poison ivy increases with exposure. Wish I had known that years ago, when I picked PI from my yard barehanded (I washed up immerdiately after I had pulled it, and had no ill effects).




The 'red around the mouth' part of your post makes me wonder if you aren't allergic to something you ate/are eating?

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