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The scandinavian hard core feeding week


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Hey K-oz?

When did your trip take place? You forgot to tell me about it yesterday!

I absolutely love your description of the silly Germans standing in a long line without entering the plane 1 minute earlier by doing so!

The food looks superdelicious!

Yesterday evening after coming home I told my partner that you look a bit like Sinead O`Connor with your very clean haircut but I was not right: You look much better than her!

I am already looking forward to see you next time!

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Wow, great pics!


Seems like you had a great time!

No need to complain you missed Portland - i didn't have half as much ice cream, and you had no Potter there to eat all the stuff away!


As always, i just LOVE your use of the smilies!

You seem to create just the right opportunities for them


And i love this sequence:



Great stuff!

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I guess if I ever make it up there I'll be on the frozen foods diet to save cash...ah well...that just means no complaining until I get home from the trip. As for the online community I agree...other than meeting my online friends in person...nothing compares to our wonderful forum. VB makes life much more bearable when your in a non vegan world

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Wow, never heard of valsoya. Maybe it's for the best since I'm on a whole food diet .

The trip seems nice and Helsinki is a nice city. How did you do language wise? As I remember Finlanders are not so good at English?


Hey offense74,


VALSOIA is the BEST ice cream I can think of! I have never had a better sort! The sad thing is, that Italy has it, Spain can import it, as well as Finnland and Sweden, but Germany is incapable of that, as it seems


EDIT: ok, I get it, the Sweden - Finland thing

No, they are pretty good in English as well - to save the reputation of Finland


The Spanish are pretty bad with English - hehe.

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:oops: I meant what are the names of the foods on your plate? (and recipes please! )

Ah, ok. Sorry, but that was in the Restaurant I last visited in Stockholm (Södermanna) and I don't remember how it is called

All the food that can be seen on the pictures are not made by me.

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