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London meet-up with Daywalker!


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Hey guys,


here's some pics from yesterday's meet-up with some of the guys from veganfitness and the mighty Daywalker! It was a good night and we had a nice meal at a Thai buffet-restaurant.




The table




What's going on??




More awesome flexibility




Me, Matt and Alex




The group


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What a group! It is so awesome that you guys have so many vegan athletes all close together in the same geographical region. We're trying to do that out here in the Northwest as well.


Looks like a great time.


I think Daywalker needs to write a book about his travels. He's seen so much and so many people this summer!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks for sharing the photos Cristian.

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Great pics, thanks for posting Cristian! The ones with Daywalker and Richie are hilarious . The group is big, too, how many people showed up? So awesome .


And I agree with Robert, Daywalker could write a book he's met so many people and traveled so much .

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Thanks for posting Cristian!

It was awesome to meet you and all the others!


I think i'm almost as good as a contortionist as Rubber Ritchie is as a bodybuilder! Look at his double biceps pose, incredible!


Thanks Alex, you should definitely consider a career as a contortionist!


Crystal, I think we were 13, I'm sure there will be even more next time!

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Awesome pics...I've definately gotta do my version of the National Lampoon's European Vacation...vegan style...I know how much europeans just love americans so I'm excited

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