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Cutler 4, Coleman 0


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Just FYI for those interested. Right after the Olympia Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman headed to Europe to compete in 3 contests over there.


Jay won them all. So, including the Olympia victory, Jay is 4-0 against Coleman this year!


For photos check out www.flexonline.com or possibly www.bodybuilding.com


I'm sure I'll hear from the excited Jay Cutler soon! He should be returning home anyday if he hasn't arrived already.

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I've received a couple of e-mails from Jay recently and he just explains being #1 in the world as an "unreal" feeling. He is really enjoying his time to shine. He is probably one of the nicest of all IFBB pro bodybuilders as well.


Now, the question is...when will HE retire?

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Yeah, he is a Great guy! Aside from the fact that he eats tons of meat


But, he really is super cool, really nice and really supports me and what I'm doing.


Hey Ravi, he normally attends the Emerald Cup in Bellevue each spring. He's been there 3 consecutive years I think. We should hang out there and you can meet him (assuming he'll be there). It is the biggest non-pro show on the West Coast and he, Ronnie, Gunter, and countless others attend as guest posers, or just representing their sponsor companies, and to watch a great bodybuilding show. I didn't go last year, but the previous two years I was there.


Let's go!

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