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Who takes Vega?


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I just tried Vega again this morning. The first time I tried it, I developed so much gas, that I was literally doubled over in pain. This morning, I had a smoothie with it, and so far so good.


I am skeptical of these products in general, so I will let you know if I notice anything in my performance or recovery.

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I tried Vega Performance Protein Vanilla recently (yes, I finally broke down and got some of this expensive stuff) and I'm pleasantly surprised about the taste. All vegan protein powders I tried so far that weren't soy protein didn't make it on my "buy again" list. No symptoms of any kind, btw.


I also got the sunwarrior vanilla (again, I broke down because I was curious) but haven't made a shake with it so far.

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I've bought Vega powders and bars but the one thing that I don't like is stevia sweetening. So here in Canada I have been buying Natural Factors Vegan Protein, it's much more basic blend with enzymes and sweetened with cane sugar. Cost $33CDN a 1kg container.


I buy my supplements local on foot, sorry I couldn't help you Robert.



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