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Who takes Vega?


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Hey Robert! Is that offer still on? Thats a great deal! I haven't been on in a while and i just saw i use vega and i love it! it's so filling,unlike some others. i usually get it at my local co- op, but i'm almost out and due for more. i'm interested! i'm going to check out the site now.

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I think I shipped out all the ones I owe people. A handful got sent out today. I leave for Canada in the morning but I'll be back on Tuesday the 18th.


If you order from Food Fight, let me know and when I get back I'll mail something out.



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Received my vega today. Starting with the small tub. When I opened the jar (broke the plastic seal) there was no paper seal over the mouth of the jar. Is this the way it's suppose to be?


Also bought your DVD on vegan fitness. Popping that in tonight.


5 day of Muscle surge program. Sore! But I can feel the effects.





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The Vega bars are really good!


Robert sent me some samples the last time I ordered some other Vega products, and I've been meaning to order some ever since.


I regularly consume builder bars ...granted these contain 20g protein and are vegan, but the ingredients list is a little scary. I was feeling super healthy eating those vega bars and I want more!



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Out of stock of all 3 flavors of Vega bars.

"More should arrive soon, like in the next week I think." -chad


Yeah, they go through Vega extremely quickly! They order all the time, but may get hundreds of dollars worth of Vega ordered a day and all of a sudden they are wiped out again.


But I think they are pretty well stocked now.


I'm sending out some thank you packages to Wisconsin and New York today.


As always, thanks for supporting Food Fight and Vega!

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