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Chrysander Card!


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I forgot to mention: I scare some kids today, just by being there. They looked at my "not really there hair", stepped back and walked a huge cycle around me

Another girl screamed: "mommy, she looks really ugly"


Maybe I should let my hair grow again

I am also really tired of people staring at me. Interesting how it throws people off.


Hahar, glad you liked the card, Alex said he would send it to you, so I gave him 2 so he could keep one.


Your hair / head looks fine how it is in my opinion. But I know how it is for people to give you shit about appearances. With my long hair, people call me hippy, 'long-hair' and other things, when I had my hair all shaved off like yours, they treat me like a thug, like I am about to mug them... I got on better when I had more 'average' hair, but it doesn't feel like me to have that kind of hair. Also, when I am in my ninja costume people act weird, it underlines very plainly how people react to appearances, it is sad.

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beautiful card! what a pose!


reading the stories about hair... how sad society can be.


k-oz, i think you look beautiful with the shaved head!


if other people want to judge someone on something as silly as what hairstyle they have, then that is their problem... truly... I have friends with shaved heads, partially shaved heads, green hair, yellow hair, red hair, blue hair, streaked hair, long hair, short hair... one thing in common is that they are all awesome people expressing themselves through their hair. thank goodness we're not all the same and resist the opinions of anyone who thinsk we should be!!

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I wouldn’t care about the opinion of other people. It’s sad that they react on you “hairstyle” rather then on the really nice shirt you wear. I don’t know how you looked like before but I think you look pretty awesome now. I’m considering buying some avenging-animals stuff too. How is the quality? Especially the shirt you wear on the picture reminds me of the cover from a Band called “Norma Jean” and in general on the work of Derek Hess.


Greetz from MR to FFM.

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Ya, don't let other people make you self-conscious about your hair!


I'll be in public bathrooms washing my hands and other women will walk in, see me, then walk out because they think they walked into the men's room ! You just have to laugh at situations like these and not let it get to you.


Children are particularly cruel sometimes because all they know is their own little safe world and anyone outside that can be "scary". Its not their fault, and its not yours.


You look fabulous just as you are. If you are going to keep it shaved or grow it out, do it for yourself and not other people. You can never please everyone.

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