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Hello from Germany :)


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Hello everyone,


I decided to join the forum some weeks ago and I think it’s time to introduce myself now. I’m a 28 year old male from Germany and vegan since two years. Veganism for me was first of all a healthy lifestyle. After a few months I realized that it is more than just the awareness of what I eat. The more I read about veganism and animal rights my opinion changed constantly. Although I’m everything else then a Mystic I felt to be a part of the whole and found a kind of personal peace for myself in veganism. Congruency between thinking and acting is of capital importance for me. I’ll try to be authentic as much as possible even though it is very often uncomfortable and I fail from time to time. Nevertheless congruency is very desirable for me and worth for fighting every day although I know that I’m aiming high. For me being vegan is very congruent way of life which combines tolerance, respect for life and ahimsa which altogether keeps me in peace with myself and my environment.


I read a lot of posts in this forum and I think this is really a nice place to be. It’s my first forum membership ever and I hope to meet a lot of nice people. I’m very happy that I found a vegan-fitness forum because there are no stereotypes about vegan lifestyle.


I’m a music and movie enthusiast and besides I’m interested in weight lifting. My goal is to gain some weight and keep myself in good shape and health. I’ll hope to get some helpful suggestions and meet some interesting people in here.


I think that’s enough now…


See ya all




P.S. My English isn’t that good but I hope to make some progress with it too.

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Welcome Chris!


I see you on the forum quite a bit, reading articles and browsing around, so I'm glad that you introduced yourself.


We actually have quite a few members from Germany and have had a few gatherings of forum members over there.


Thank you for the great intro and we're happy you have found us. We are indeed a very nice group of people, here to help and inspire others.


All the best, and welcome aboard!

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Welcome aboard!

I live in Muenster, Nordrhein-Westfalen. Age 29, veg 10y, vegan 2y.

K-oz lives in Frankfurt.

Daywalker just went to Scotland, but comes from Frankfurt as well.

Atilla lives in Berlin.

Roid_rage lives in Recklinghausen.

There are some more I have not seen in person yet.


I will contact you when we plan a meeting.

Read the stickies Daywalker wrote. There are great for a start!


Welcome again, enjoy your stay!

And write me a pm if you you want to use german language

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Thx a lot I appreciate being here and I’m glad to found this community.


@ Rob & Odidnetne: It cost me quite an effort to write in English


@ Flanders 77: This would be really great


@ loveliberate & offense74: Thx


--> Maybe I’ll check out quoting next time.



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