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Robert, Tonya and Brendan featured in Funky Raw Magazine


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I know it's a little Ironic, Robert Cheeke featured in a Raw Food Magazine, but it was a review of our DVD Documentary.


Tonya is 100% raw, Brendan 80% raw and Robert 37%-54% raw.


Funky Raw Magazine was nice and did a review of our DVD. The review was quite good and they also included at least 6 photos.


I went for at least 2 months without being in a magazine, so it was nice to get back on track!


My first Cover is coming out next month for Real Gainz Magazine (an online bodybuilding and fitness magazine).


Soon, I hope to get on a paper cover. I've had 4 inside covers, but they keep leaving me off the main cover


Anyway, Thanks Funky Raw Magazine for the great review of Vegan Fitness Built Naturally!

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Not nearly enough


I think that is my 18th magazine appearance, but sometimes (like in this case) I don't even know I'm in there until they send me a free copy of it in the mail. I have another one coming out next month.


So, we'll say 18-20, but I'll be writing a lot more articles once some of this Vegan Holiday stuff is over. I'm also doing more photos as I get bigger, so there are lots of options and angles to use with whatever I choose to write about.

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