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Anyone a fan of the old Extreme Championship Wrestling?


I grew up watching WWF, then WCW, then moved over to ECW before moving back to WWF.


I have always like Paul Heyman and I recently watched "The Rise and Fall of ECW" and it was really interesting.

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Well Robert, I think it is pretty interesting to watch! I don't get television up here on the rock, so I haven't seen any wrestling in awhile, BUT one thing that IS happening over in Bend.....I noticed in The Source Weekly.....there will be a women's roller derby event! An even kickier version of wrestling, right? Whoa baby!


Maybe they could use some Vega?

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ECW! ECW! ECW! I'm with you Rob. I loved ECW . . . the real ECW. That DVD was awesome. Anyone who is/was anyone in pro-wrestling went through ECW. That stuff was insane to watch. At one point I got into FMW. It was a hardcore japanese wreslting organization, that had a lot of the ECW guys (Mike Awesome was one i remember). FMW stood for "frontier martial arts wreslting" (if I remeber correctly). They used the barbwire, explosives, and I rember a sickle at one point. Insane!!!!! I love it. I really haven't watched wrestling in a while. I stopped watching right around the WWE conversion, but before that, everynight I was watching. WWF, WCW, and ECW! ECW! ECW!!!


On another note - Rob, I'm coming to Oregon at the end of December . . . I hope your around then. We'll be in touch.

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Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!, and I'm not talking about Mike!




It will be great to have you here. As many of you know, it was a dream of mine to be a Pro Wreslter. I wanted it for 13 years, but it didn't quite workout as I wanted it to, or how I had planned.


I recently moved in with my friend Dave. He and I have been very good friends for the past 12 years and back in high school we started the Pro Wrestling Club and performed on numerous occasions in front of 800 or more at school functions.


Recently we've been watching local pro wrestling weekly here in Portland!


It rocks!


I've been to WWF PPV events, WCW PPV events, tapings, live shows, met a number of big name stars, etc. But perhaps even better than all that, is watching the small-time guys up close and personal. We're front row every week, interacting with the performers and it is great!


See you soon buddy!



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I'll be honest Rob, I wanted to be a pro-wreslter for a long time myself. I went to a real small private school . . . so our pro-wreslting club was centered around watching PPVs and talking about wrestling. The closest that I came was wrestling from 8th grade - 12th grade. I think that is why I really liked ECW. There was always a lot of technical wrestling - like the scholastic folkstyle seen in schools. That was usually those first initial moves seen in the ECW matches, then the tables and barb wire came out!!


I remember when that first season of the WWF reality show came on MTV with the winner becoming a pro . . . I thought that was gonna be my chance . . . but I guess you could say I grew out of that . . . or my MOM smacked that idea right out of my head (I like to think the first, although it was really the second).


On another note . . . favorite ECW wrestler . . . or WCW wrestler . . . or WWF. Let's go old-school with these answers. I want us to go back to the 1,2,3 Kid, IRS, Razor Ramon, Diesal (NOT Kevin Nash). GOD I LOVED THOSE DAYS!! I always loved the Undertaker . . . before the American Bad Ass persona.

I really got into ECW in their later years so I liked Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, Spike Dudley. I loved Spike. I'm about 5'7" 125-130 . . . i could relate to Spike. I thought if a guy his stature could make it, I could make it. Oh well.

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I will get back in this thread soon. I AM Paul Heyman. There are too many similarities to ignore. I even quoted Paul in a radio interview at the Vegan Holiday Festival and I spoke like Paul when I had the microphone at the end of the festival when I thanked everyone.



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Wierd question just for general knowledge . . . are there any main stream pro-wrestlers right now (or in the psat) who are vegans???


I hope somebody comes up with an answer like Jake "the Snake" . . . that would make my day!

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I'll look into it and I'll get back to your awesome post a few weeks ago as well.


I actually haven't kept up to date on Pro Wrestling since about 2000, so I'm living out the glory days of the 80's and 90's. I'm watcing DVDs of the good ol days.


To be honest, I could only name a handful of current wrestlers. I am going to try to watch the PPV this weekend. I've been to live PPV events for WWF and WCW, and I've met handfuls of the boys like Kurt Angle, Triple H, DDP, Rick and Scott Steiner, Billy Gunn, etc.


We have live pro wrestling weekly here in Portland so that is a lot of fun to watch!


I'm noticing more and more that Paul Heyman is the person in the industry I'm most alike.


We were/are both the spiritual leaders of our company, motivational for our members, and we give everything that we have for the cause. We don't have relationships, we don't sleep much, and we work harder than anyone should for our movement. We believe in our members and we believe in ourselves. We do things our own way. We're respected and we're also reckless, doing what it takes to take our show as far as we can.


I'll get back to this thread soon.

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