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hi from austria


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hi to all,


after my first post yesterday in daywalkers introduction today i will introduce myself (some people will know me already from veganfitness.net)


im 193 cm high and about 88kg light/heavy. im vegan for about 3-4 years now, before that 1-2 years vegetarian.

i study economics and writing on my master thesis in the moment about agricultural subsidies in the european union and its impacts on animal 'production'.

most of my spare time i spend doing animal rights work. most im active for the vegan society austria http://www.vegan.at but im also a lot active for austrias biggest ar organisation vgt http://www.vgt.at. but if there is time i also join other actions. here some recent media reports with fotos of me:

me pulled away from police at an human rigts demo


me 'naked' before the spain embassy cos of bullfight in pamplona



my second big hobby is sports, although im not so good in it. i played basketball for 6 years stopped it because i got tired of it. before i did lots of other stuff:judo, tennis,.. (my parents are sport teachers)

with 18 after basketball i started strenght training/bodybuilding, from a very low level: 1 pull-up and zero chin ups. it was fun!

since that there were many interruptions (army, a bad digestion desease -crohn desease, motivation lacks, relation breaks,...) therefore i never got really good. i read a lot and know pretty much theoretically. just in the moment im better then ever with weight training and i like it.


in the moment in do training in our homegym (multifunction bench with squat rack) with lots of nice people (my girlfriend, bronco from veganfitness.net, my brother -all vegan, my cousin -vegetarian and and old schoolfriend)



so i would say that now im introduced and im sure that i will enjoy my time here on board. its really one of my absolute favourites! thanks for that to robert and all!




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Hey Felix!


Welcome to our group! Yeah, we've been around for 3 years, but THIS forum only 15 weeks or less and I really like the group we have. I really feel "at home" here and I hope you will as well.


Awesome job with all the activism and working on Your Masters.


Best of luck to you and I'm sure we'll get to know one another via the forum.


Have a great day!



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hi guys,


@sirdle and brendan: i really dont know exactly how long, perhaps about 18 months in the middle and 2 months the rest or something like this.

in the moment it is so long that if its not bound together its impossible to eat soup, or sleep without lying on it and then waking up.


@rich: i havent been to veganboard yet, and the foto is now online for only two weeks. here and on veganfitness.net, the other place where you could have seen it.

i guess noone downloaded it and used for his purposes on veganboards

some poeple told me that i look like chewbacca on it, sure it was me you saw?



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