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Shouldn't I drink Milk?


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Here is a link I got in a newsletter, thought I'd pass it along:


HOT OFF THE PRESS Shouldn't I Drink Milk? Milk: No Longer Recommended or Required [!]

“A substantial body of scientific evidence raises concerns about health risks from cow’s milk products. These problems relate to the proteins, sugar, fat, and contaminants in dairy products, and the inadequacy of whole cow’s milk for infant nutrition…[Also] Dairy products offer a false sense of security to those concerned about osteoporosis. In countries where dairy products are not generally consumed, there is actually less osteoporosis than in the United States. Studies have shown little effect of dairy products on osteoporosis. The Harvard Nurses’ Health study followed 78,000 women for a 12-year period and found that milk did not protect against bone fractures. Indeed, those who drank three glasses of milk per day had more fractures than those who rarely drank milk.” http://www.pcrm.org/health/veginfo/milk.html

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Here is another link to a related topic:



For Strong Bones, Kids Need Exercise, Sunshine, and a Dairy-Free Diet

“…dairy products do not promote bone health in children and young adults. Physical activity does have a positive impact on bone health, while evidence linking bone health with dairy product consumption is weak, at best…”


(Founded in 1985, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is a nonprofit health organization that promotes preventive medicine, especially good nutrition. PCRM also conducts clinical research studies, opposes unethical human experimentation, and promotes alternatives to animal research.)

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I went to a Chinese market 2 weeks ago and was looking over gallons of soy milk. This old guy walked up and said soy milk is good for you and cow's milk is poison. It's funny how the scientists are just now figuring this out.


in fact, cow's milk has never been a traditional part of the east asian diet. many asians form china, korea, japan and surrounding islands who move to the united states find it hard to adjust to eating dairy.


did you know that the overbearing amount of hard to digest protein in cow's milk causes the intestines to work so hard they don't get a chance to absorb the calcium from the milk? so the whole "drink milk for calcium" campaign was bs advertising.


did you that the average 8 oz glass of cow's milk contains 100+ puss cells and .25-.75 oz of cow's blood? ask any dairy farmer and he/she will tell you that the blood and puss are natural effects of the commercial milking machines.


did you know that the majority of native americans (indigenous north americans) lack the proper enzymes to digest cow's milk? it's a genetic truth that people who are native know. i'm part cherokee and i know it. it gives lots of them diarhea.


so cow's milk sucks ass. and don't get me started on cheese.

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