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All Dove Bar Soaps & Body Washes contain beef by-product


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From: DoveProducts

Date: Nov 1, 2006 10:38 AM

Subject: RE: Contact Us, www.dove.ca, English, contact






This is in response to your inquiry regarding our policy on animal testing. Unilever Canada understands and shares your concern about this most important and complex matter. We are pleased to say that Unilever Canada does not test any of its home or personal care products on animals, in keeping with an earlier pledge we made to eliminate such testing whenever possible.


Unilever Canada is committed to the elimination of animal testing. We are equally committed to consumer and customer health and safety and to the safety of our workforce and the environment.

Globally, in Unilever, non-animal testing is the rule and animal testing is the exception. Unilever does not undertake animal testing or commission others to do such testing on our behalf unless it is

absolutely necessary to meet our health, safety and environmental obligations or it is demanded by government regulators or other official bodies. Before any animal testing is carried out, our internal control procedures require senior management to certify in writing that there is no other way of proceeding.


We do not test finished home or personal care products on animals unless demanded by the regulatory authorities in the few countries where this is the law. In such cases we still try to convince the local authorities to change the law. The safety of Unilever products is assured by rigorous procedures using data from suppliers, the results of previous assessments and the most up-to-date information from the scientific literature available in the public domain. Our product development relies to a great extent on our ability to predict the safety of products.


All Dove Canada Bar Soaps & Body Washes contain beef by-products. Ingredients are confidential, however, we make every effort to avoid using ingredients that are known common allergens. If you are concerned about a specific ingredient, please let us know, and we can tell you if it is in the formulation of the product.


If you require a complete list for allergy testing, please provide your

doctor's name, address, and telephone number and we will confirm his/her requirements and provide the necessary information.


If you have any additional questions or comments, please call us at our toll free number or visit our web site at www.unilever.ca




Unilever Canada


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You can usually find vegetable glycerine soaps in most stores nowdays. Just make sure they are labelled vegetable (gycerine can come from animal products as well).


Your best bet for vegan personal care (and companies that don't use animal testing at any stage of product development) are in health food stores (usually proudly labelled "no animal ingredients or testing") or by mail oder through www.veganessentials.com , www.foodfightgrocery.com or www.veganstore.com , among others. (VE has the best shipping rates).

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