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My First Magazine Cover


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Hey Everyone,


I wanted to let you know I am the Cover Model for Real Gainz Magazine this month!


I've been on the Inside Cover 4 times, but never made the magazine cover until now. This is my First Cover and 18th magazine feature.


I hope to have more opportunities to be on magazine covers in the near future. It is fun for me because these are exact goals I set out for myself more than 5 years ago. For those of you who set goals and know the power that experience, you know how I feel. Sometimes it takes 5 years to finally do it, but it's great for me to know that I have accomplished something that I personally set out to do more than half a decade ago. (I even still have those original goals that were written on paper way back then, so to look back on that as a young 20 year-old and now see it happen at 26, is a pretty moving experience)


I think it is nice for vegans too, because this is a fairly hardcore bodybuilding magazine and they boldly say, "Vegan Bodybuilder" right on the front. It's one thing to have a vegan on the cover of a vegan magazine but to have a vegan and say "vegan" on the cover of a bodybuilding magazine, is another thing. You gotta give them props for this progressive, positive, and risky step (for them) and hopefully this will open up opportunities for other vegan athletes in mainstream media.


Here is a link to the site. There are interviews, articles, photo galleries, and other stuff in addition to the cover. I suggest reading the interview and you'll learn a little more about me and what I'm all about.




Thanks for the support!


Robert Cheeke

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Congrats Robert!


I'm proud to be able to tell others about you. You sure are an inspiration to me......sometimes, like now at 6:10 AM on a dark and rainy morning when I don't want to get in my Jeep and drive down the mountain to the gym to workout.......I think what you have accomplished and it helps me get my derriere in gear!


Great interview!

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Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. I will continue to name-drop all the time. I would have done it even more, but I've been so stressed and tired lately from the tasks that I'm currentl doing. I barely got the interview done on time.


More interviews are coming, I just did a photo shoot with a local newspaper, and book authors, magazines, etc. are starting to write.


Things are coming together.


Thanks for all the comments, it helps keep me focused and motivated.

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Yeah, I have bigger forearms than 6-time Mr. Olympia in that photo


It is him, he's a good guy.


Thanks for checking out all the other sections besides just the cover photo. They do a pretty good job of really representing their cover models well with interviews, website links, photo galleries, etc.


Thanks for the kind words. It helps keep me going when I get overwhelmed with expectations and projects and tasks I bring upon myself.

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