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Worlock by Skinny Puppy:


Just the music (not the video) reminds me of a ghost like thing crying for eternity in an ancient abandoned city. Once the main chorus starts anyway 1:55 in.


Tin Omen by Skinny Puppy:

Halfway decent video (or background for concert anyway). This is from one of my least favorite albums (Rabies) as is Worlock. Worlock is the one song that redeems the album. This song has a nice part starting 3:04 in and going for about 45 seconds. Eh, not really that great though.


Here's a decent one from Too Dark Park (Skinny Puppy):

I thought it was called "Kicking the Habit" though?

Makes me think of someone in a lot pain and quite angry about it and making some changes.


Convulsion from Too Dark Park (SP):

I remember when this first came out in.... 1992 or 3? I remember listening to it very loud in cars. What is really striking is that if you listen very closely, there is just so much going on. It's too much for most people to handle. But to me, it suggests an infinity of life. Sort of a primordial soup of life sprouting out of control chaotically.


Here's a veganism related one:


Or SP's concert backing video:

It's about how horrible animal testing is.

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Minibosses, NESkimos, The Advantage, Select Start, The Hyrulean Shopkeepers, that's mainly what I listen to nowadays


I'll listen to anyone who does music like that. I wish someone would do a theme from Battletoads, preferably the 3rd level, that would be historic.

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Nine Inch Nails -
(the remix)


Frontline Assembly - Millennium


Ministry - Thieves

I'm not really a fan of NIN. But that is the one song of theirs that I like. But... I don't like that remix.


Dunno know so much about Frontline Assembly. I liked Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb..



Hah! I respect their versatility though.



Radiohead just sounds so damm mopey to me. I guess that's the idea though? Like Morissey? I liked the Smiths but never got into Radiohead.

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