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Fast Food Nation trailer - Backwards Hamburger


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  • 1 month later...

I was deeply disappointed in this movie.


...And I didn't go in with high expectations either!



If I were an omnivore, I would definitely feel as though the movie presented me with an option, "do I want to support this or not?"...

But... it is also made in a way that I feel(personally), presents, fictionality.

You can easily seperate yourself from what is going on, and get into the

mindset of "this is just a movie, not real life".


Also, I think it was presented in a very dumbed down mainstream version

of the reality of what REALLY goes on(in the meat packing plants, slaughter houses, corporations, CEO's, etc.)...

Of course I closed my eyes thru the entire slaughter footage.

Which also had no sound (another way people can seperate themselves from it being reality.)


And of course there were the teenage activists that wanted to

change the world. Which is awesome, but they didn't focus on the

compassion for the animals so much, and they didn't make ME feel

passionate about their decisions as activists.

They also (surprise surprise) further perpetuated the mentality that

"animals are dumb", which bothered me a lot.




ok, so I won't ramble too much.. just wanted to give my 2 cents

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