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good to see some honesty


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Frito-Lay Angrily Introduces Line Of Healthy Snacks


November 7, 2006 | Issue 42•45


"Here," said Frito-Lay CEO Al Carey as he edly tossed a bag of the company's new Flat Earth-brand snack crisps onto the lectern during a meeting with shareholders and members of the press. "Here's some shit that's made from beets. I hope you're all happy now that you have your precious beet chips with the recommended daily serving of fruit, or vegetables, or whatever the hell a 'beet' is."






Where can I buy this stuff?

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hehe. I'll admit, your post seemed rather incredulous. Then, I got to the link - I chuckled before even clicking on the full article - The Onion. Ha! I love the Onion.


Have to love the picture on the side of the new "frito lay trucks" - "eat em up, fuckers". I laughed so loud that my coworker laughed, too.

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