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Hi Everyone!


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Hi guys,

This is Jamye, jjaj2022's fiance. I read this forum all the time and finally decided to sign up myself.


We became Vegan in May 2005 and starting eating a Raw Foods diet in May 2006. I will try to get some raw recipes and pics together to post. I look forward to chatting with you all.

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Great to have you here! You have made some amazing transformations and you seem to glow with vibrant health.


Awesome to have you as a contributing member of our community and we look forward to hearing more from you.


All the best and officially, welcome aboard!

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Thank you so much for the warm welcome!! I have browsed other forums before and have not found one that I like more than Vegan Bodybuilding. You all are so kind and such positive people. We can't wait for Vegan Vacation 2007 so we can meet some of you.



Welcome!!! Your fiance shared your amazing transformation pics a while ago. When are you two getting hitched?


Thank you! We don't have any plans for a wedding yet. We are just enjoying being engaged.



Yo, welcome It's confusing because you both have both of you in your avatars, and neither of your screen names help me reach a conclusion.


I'm the girl.

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