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Here's some photo updates...the photo's don't show it but my shape has changed a bit...I'm much thicker in the torso (lower back and abs) and my arms are slightly thicker....I'm actually more functional looking.


I credit this to my new full body routine....the old one was too focused on the upper body. Also since getting rid of push ups and doing more dips my strength has increased to the point where my handstand push ups have gone through the roof!!!!


Apart from that as you can see there's not much difference from the last ones....but thats where the victory is because I've actually got myself back in shape and now I'm looking to surpass the old pics!













The changes are pretty cool because I've actually "gained" 5lbs!!!


I'm really not into the whole gaining weight/bulking up thing anymore but to know that it's all lean and raw muscle...does ma heart good!

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