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Happy Birthday Crystal!!!


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Today is Crystal's birthday!


I had the great opportunity to meet her this summer at the Vegan Vacation. I miss her and hope to hang out with her again sometime in the future. We had a really good time for the week she and others were out here.


Happy Birthday Crystal! Sorry I didn't post sooner, but I certainly didn't want to forget


All the best, and I hope all is well.


Enjoy some Vegan Cake Birthday Girl!!!

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Seriously, you are missed very much by me, davidtarrfoster and others. Us especially since you lived with us for a week.


We'll do the Vegan Vacation much BIGGER and much BETTER and it will be co-sposored by OrganicAthlete and other groups. It will be huge So we'd love to see you back for that!!!


You have a place to stay in Portland anytime.


"Oh, that's right Crystal.........it's your birthday....ha ha ha.....Happy Birthday! Now just do something! Do anything.....just do something!!!"

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