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Has anyone come across Vegan or Vegetarian rubber bracelets?


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Hey man, I did a search a few times and couldn't find specifically bands which say 'vegan' on them. but I found these sites which do custom ones:






If you want to continue to search, I found that the words 'band' and 'silicon' or 'silicone' gave more specific results, rather than 'bracelet' or 'rubber'.

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they're made from Silicone ...... i've tried to find out if they're vegan myself but came up short


As far as I know, silicone itself is vegan. I searched online but couldn't find much to confirm it, although here is a page from vegansociety themselves, selling vegan condoms which have silicone in them:




But if they put colourings into the silicone for whatever, or anything else, I guess it is possible that certain products wouldn't be vegan. You can ask them what kind of colourings they use.

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