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This is Daniel, Augsburg Germany


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my name is daniel.

i am 20 years old and i am from germany. i got into bodybuilding before becoming vegan and now i am looking for a forum where people wont be laughing because of the things i eat

i ve been working out for almost 2 years now.

been vegetarian for about 15years of my life and i am vegan for about 6 months now.

say hi to me haha

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We do have a huge group of members from Germany! Awesome to have you on board. We've all been considered "different" before some way or another, so it is cool to be part of a large community where everyone understands each other for the most part.


All the best and welcome aboard!

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So you are a vegan in Germany? What do you think of U.L.? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Life


Only the first part of the German Wikipedia article has been translated into English, so feel free to translate the rest of the German article into English (I'm dying to read about the VOICE magazine conflict!) Also, if you could add the [[en:Universal Life]] to the "edit" page of the German page, the Polish page, and the Hungarian page. That way, maybe someone who is only aware of the existence of the German page would see the link to the English page in the "Andere Sprachen" ("in other languages") box and say to themselves, "I never knew there was an English page for U.L.! (He or she then clicks on it). Oh! Only the first few paragraphs have been translated. I better translate the rest out of the goodness of my heart".


Also, if someone could add more links pointing to the English article on U.L. on other article pages on Wikipedia, that would help let other Wikipedia surfers now of the U.L. page's existence. Then it would stop being an "orphaned article". Maybe someone who was surfing English articles speaks German as a second language, and can translate the rest of the article. You can be unilingual in English to do this.

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thanks for being so welcoming

i didnt have internet for the last couple of days, which actually is a good thing haha, more time to work out instead of wasting time(not always, but often) on internet pages

thats why i didnt reply immediately though!

i didnt expect to see so many germans here haha

and i was quite astonished to even find a vegan bodybuilding page on the internet. not an every day thing

right now i am 1,88m with about 88kg, i am working hard, had some hard time the last months with no progress and even weights coming down but its going very well at the moment.

hope to see some of the people here in real life, would be cool.

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I hope you are enjoying the forum. I know we have lots of new members from Germany here. I don't know who is from the same city or area, but I'd love to see some gatherings of our new forum members. That is one of the best parts about our community, meeting in person and having fun!


All the best!

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