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Vegan Holiday Festival Photo Gallery 1


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Hey everyone,


I have only a few photos because I was busy literally every single second of the Vegan Holiday Festival. I did have a professional photographer there so I'll get more soon.


I'm somewhat in a hurry so I'll just post some photos and label them later.


This was one of the best events I've ever been to and it means so much because it was my own project that I spent 10-15 hours day on and put in all my heart and energy into.


Enjoy the few photos I have:











































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Thank you for sharing the pictures, Rob!

I wish i could have been there, it looks fabulous!


There are even some people i know!



I barely recognized you!


Get some sleep man, you look worse than Fox Mulder!

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Thanks man. It really, truly took ALL of my energy to make this happen, but I've heard from many others, including some of the speakers, exhibitors and attendees that this is the Best Vegan Event they've ever been to! Imagine 1000 Vegans all hangingout with 65 exhibit tables and some of the world's best vegan speakers and chefs.


It was amazing. I will have many more photos soon. These are just from my camera, I was soooooo busy! Ask anyone from the site, I barely even talked to them.


We even had more forum members here than at Vegan Vacation! Because we have lots of new forum members in the Portland Community. There were a ton of them there. They were so helpful too.


I know, I look pretty bad. I only slept 90 minutes over 48 hours. I worked harder than anyone should. No break for nearly 2 years now.


I'm going to fix that and relax a bit soon. I can't for a few days, but I will soon.


I haven't even seen other photos yet, but I look forward to seeing them and sharing them.


It was better than I had even dreamed of. I cried over and over when it was done sitting by myself after everyone had left, reflecting on the work that went into it, saying outloud to myself, "we did it.....we did it.....we did it!"


I'm really proud of how it all turned out. Thanks for the support.

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I also got a big smile looking at those pictures Rob. That last picture of you, you do look bad, so rest up, eat some raw foods. You did an amazing thing Rob, infact this is one of the many amazing things you have done. The VBB forum, winning comps, vegan fest...You are awesome Rob.

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Someone should hire you to Organize AR 2007...I'm much more impressed with what you did than what I saw in the hotel in DC. Good work and get some damn sleep...shave too

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man who is the woman in the pink vegan fitness team shirt?


the one with the "vega" patch on it.


She's on our forum. All the individual photos or photos of me and someone, are members of our forum. We have a ton of new members from the Portland area, and some older members.


I wish I had more photos, but I was just too busy. I have seen about 50 or so more from a professional photographer and I'll post those soon.


I know others were taking photos as well, so I'll just wait for more to surface.

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Robert you kick some major booty! The event was the coolest thing ever, and by that I mean it has expanded the whole conceptual and practical framework of veganism for countless people here in Stumptown and beyond.

You can count on me to help out with the next one.

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