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Foods from around the globe


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Thought we could have some fun . You ready?

I challange you to find food in your store that are imported from countries where other board members recide. The focus should be on fruits, veggies, beans and whole grain stuff otherwise the thread would be flooded with oreos and McDonalds which are found throughout the globe.


In the fruit section I've found pomegrenades, dates and raisins from the US.

I know we have one Italian guy here and we get alot of stuff from Italy, mainly I buy Italian organic kiwis and cactusfruit.

The few times I buy bread most of it is "pumpernickel" from Germany. I also get some dried fruit, nuts and seeds from a german exporter (seeberger) (their macadamias are awesome but expensive).

I also get some nuts from Denmark (den lille nöttefabriken).

I get my seaweed from Japan.

Most of the fruits in Sweden comes from Italy, Spain and Israel (surprisingly little from France even though they are the biggest producer of fruit in the EU).

I bought some really nasty stuff called "Marmite" that comes from the UK. How the f**k can you eat that stuff?

We have no members in Africa but I get my passionfruit from there.

We have one member from South America and I get papaya, pineapple and mangos from there.


Got any Swedish stuff in your store?

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Offense what do you all produce in Sweden? Only things I've come across are butter cookies and I think some chocolate. None of it is vegan either. A lot of my food is foreign. I get dates from the middle east, beans from India, rice from all over the globe. I guess my cereal is from the U.S. Bananas from South America, mangos too. Grapes from the U.S. My frozen goods could come from anywhere, the bags never say.

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Most of our produce is local &/or Cascadian grown - this includes a few things coming down from the Fraser & Okanagan valleys of British Columbia, Canada. Of course, some stuff comes from other parts of the US & a good amount is from Mexico. Beyond that we dont see much from the rest of the world except some occasional New Zealand or South American fruit. Nothing fresh at all from Europe or Africa that I've noticed.


Bulk foods, herbs, etc is definitely much more international but still almost entirely from the America's...


We get packaged & frozen foods from all over. We eat lots of Asian & Middle Eastern foods so lots of our stuff is from those areas. Europa is mostly represented by organics: Italy sends us pasta & tomato stuff plus some fruit spreads, Switzerland & Belgium send some awesome dark chocolates.


As for Sweden, I've been looking hard since Fredrik came but have only found heavily processed non-vegan baked goods...

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I buy Lingonberry preserve imported from Sweden every now and then.


Also my Uncle Svante is a native Swede, they always have tons of stuff from Sweden. I declined to try the anchovies in the toothpaste tube and the crayfish... (which I think may have offended him slightly)


Fruits and vegetables in the US are from all over, lots from California and South America.


I don't take it daily anymore, but loose-leaf tea from India and China (Assam, Yunnan, Peony, Keemun)... And yes, Miso and Seaweed from Japan...


I'm not sure if any of my food comes from the UK or Germany? I like BMW's though....



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Look out...marmite is brutal...think of salt flavored gelatin. Actually I like it on toast if I'm carefull enough to put as little on as possible but sometimes thats still too much

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