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David Beckham in L.A.???


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That sounds about right.


The MLS is trying to promote soccer (sorry... football) in North America.

Ticket prices are being made "family affordable" to get as many people in the stadium as possible and hopefully get them hooked.


Let's hope it works

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According to the press over here, tickets for the first game featuring Beckham will be £5 ($10).. is that correct ?


He must be earning loads though because Posh is high maintenance to say the least lol


He's getting way too much money!!! I have no idea how an American soccer team can afford this unless other teams helped pitch in to gain ratings.

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Beckham says that Tom Cruise played a big part in his decision to join the LA Galaxy.


Beckahm stated that Tom Cruise is "a very wise man"



The MLS should bring in some "declining" foreign stars like Ronaldo and others as well. The NASL did this and brought some great soccer to the USA in the late 70's including George Best to the San Jose Earthquakes. But yeah, Beckham and family fit into the Hollywood scene just fine.


I had season tickets to the Earthquakes until they moved to Houston. Stupid MLS. They moved our awesome team. There's now like 5 teams in Texas or something (this *may* be an exaggeration).


Hey, check this out. One of the best goals I've ever seen (it's George Best, the famous English player), and it came as an Earthquake.



The funny thing about this goal is Best is yapping at the ref because he was taken down a few minutes before and they didn't card the guy from the other team. You can see Best in the ref's face dribbling the ball at the beginning of the clip. Then he scores one of his best goals and goes and yaps at the ref more. IN YOUR FACE, REF! Classic!


BTW, **** the LA Galaxy.

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totally agree


NASL had many great names. Hopefully the MLS will follow suit.


Best was an absolute magician with the ball.


I'd love to see the MLS take off but the talent pool is a bit weak at the moment unfortunately.

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It was a good move to bring him in, as it's generating a lot of interest. You just wonder if it will matter and people will move on after the initial spike in interest.


It is true that he is a bit washed up, but I agree with JW that the talent level in the MLS is not very good, so he should be one of the best players in the league the moment he steps on the field.


To me, the problem the MLS has is that they will never be the destination for the best footballers. The level of play is so much higher in Europe, why would the best players come over to the States just to be the big fish in a small pond? It's understandable in Football (US), Basketball, and Baseball because the best leagues for those sports are here.


Plus Soccer players make a lot of money in Europe (especially if you play for Chelsea and can get some of Abramovich's Russian Oil Money), so they won't come over for economic reasons.

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