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Thanks Mary Stella


I'm really looking forward to NYC

I was in Boston a couple years ago and did the Cape Cod/Martha's Vinyard thing. Great times!


we're only in NYC for a couple days so it's going to be a whirlwind tour! We just want to hit the major points of interest

(of course the more we read the more points of interest we find)

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We thought this double decker bus tour was great we at that time (I think it still that way) were able to get off the bus and get back on the next one when were were done see what we stoped to see. cost a couple of bucks more now but it was a great day. Have fun!


I read about those somewhere

good to know that it's worth it!!


I heard there are some really good veg*n food carts.


any must go to places to eat?

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lots of vegan options.


I love Candle Cafe and Candle 79.


There is also Blossom.


Depends on what part of the city your going to be in. There is a book published every year with all of the vegan restaurants in it organized by section of the city. It is only a few $'s. I get it every year. I can send you some links etc. later.

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almost done with all the medical appointments!!!

just the doctor this afternoon re: the breathing issues

I really need to get this one fixed. It really stops me from sleeping well and the resulting fatigue coupled with the breathing issue makes it nearly impsiible to workout

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hmmmm back from the doc and I'm going to be full of drugs


inhaler for my chest.... this will tell very quickly if I'm dealing with an asthma issue


nasal spray for my impaired breathing through the nose

might be some sleep apnea going on too




but.... green light to resume workouts!!!!

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off to the cottage with my load of prescription drugs


wow!! busy week

only 1 workout

only watched 2 movies

one bad sci fi movie on TV with just horrific acting and low budget effects. The story however, was pretty interesting.

I can't even recall the name... something Siege. Carl Weathers was the only person I recognized


saw the Watchmen again last night. A bit overboard on the violence but I do love that movie!!!

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what a creepy strange weekend!!!


I was freaking everybody out on the weekend because we learned that a car went through the window of our local Starbucks location last Thursday. Turns out it happened less than half an hour after I was there.

Then I was suggesting to everyone that we take a helicopter tour in NYC when we visit in a couple weeks....2 hours later we hear on the news about the helicopter crash in the Hudson.....

Then..... last night on the way hom on the highway, I sort of "zoned out" I was POSITIVE that I was at a certain point on the highway (after a turnoff to another highway road) I even had the visual of it ... no traffic at all (unusual) and the highway to the right was a bit misty or smoky.. it took me about 3 minutes to realize that I wasn't there yet and when I did get there ....you guessed it.... no traffic and a misty/smoky horizon to the right.... creepy!!!


I also had an incedibly stupid moment when I went swimming with my ipod in my pocket...



a couple bike rides on the weekend and some pushups

I'll be hardpressed to get workouts in this week as I am INCREDIBLY busy at work and getting ready for vacation

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tried doing pushups last night and I felt rather stiff and a bit sore.

this morning I woke up with pretty bad allergy symptoms again. I can't begin to say how frustrating this is. Yesterday I woke up feeling great, today I wake up feeling horrible!


Last weekend the manchild in me came out..... soccer tournament at the lake. The kids entered a team (I wisely decided to pass on it..) Went to watch them play and they lost that game 1-0

I was mortified at their lack of tactics and I just couldn't help myself..... went into full coach mode

(actually not THAT bad.... more of helping them out with positional play and formations)

They ended up winning the tournament. I think I helped but I hope I wasn't too annoying lol

I just have so much passion for the game.... My wife cringes when I get going but the kids don't mind. I'm not a negative, shouting, boot camp-loke drill sarge

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some more pushups last night.

feels like I'm close to working out again (just in time for my 2 week vacation of course)

I really miss the workouts. In the long run, this will probably be good for me having the rest period but in the meantime, I'm concentrating more on diet. I'm really craving raw veggies lately

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50 pushups last night.

still suffering with the allergy symptoms

slept fairly well but woke up feeling quite rough


back to the doc today for followup



Saw The Hurt Locker last night.

Very good film.

I knew it was supposed to be good but it surpassed my expectations,

well acted and extremely well filmed. Contains some powerful messages without dumbing it down

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off on vacation this weekend for 2 weeks


I'll certainly get a lot of walking in. probably pushups too.

last night was a bit of a writeoff as I was busy doing laundry, vacuuming, getting the suitcases ready etc....


be back in 2 weeks

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  • 3 weeks later...


finally back from vacation and it was quite the whirlwind adventure


saw an awful lot of sights, ate some fabulous food and lost 5LBS to boot


Our dog Sadie (my avatar) decided that 2 days into her stay at my wife's aunt's house that she would go out and find us.

the garage door was opened for all of 30 seconds to take tha garbage out and Sadie ran outside, stopped and looked at my wife's aunt and just bolted away!

Our first inclination was to hop a plane right home but the dog sitter was incredible! she mobilized this huge search effort, checked animal services, the humane society and dog shelters daily, delivered flyers, pasted posters all over the place....

We figured that we really couldn't do much mor ourselves. We tried to keep the kids as busy as possible while we were away to keep their minds off of Sadie.


A few phone calls started coming in with possible sadie sightings but nobody could ever catch her (she is quite wary of people)

We arrived home last night about 11:30 pm and searched until 2:30 am with no luck.

Another call came in late last night with a sighting closer to aunties' home and then another call at 3:20 am with a sighting even closer.

My wife went and scoured the neighborhood this morning and found Sadie on her Aunt's street. Almost 2 weeks on her own and she returns right when we come back!!! amazing!!!

she was pretty stinky, thin and had some pretty bad matted hair but she was awfully happy!!!

she's sleeping at home now and that is the best thing of all about the vacation!

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The wedding was as close to perfect as possible I think! Great weather, no huge calamities, all in all a splendid day.


awesome news!!!

congrats !


seems to be a rarity to have a wedding go off without a hitch. I'm really happy for you that it went well.

All the best to you and your husband !

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almost caught up on my rest.

caught a nasty ear infection last week after boogieboarding the big waves (hurricane season really cranked them up)


Had the opportunity to hit the tennis ball around a bit on my vacation. It's been about 8 years but it came back quickly. My forehand was a bit spotty but net play and backhand felt quite comfortable. hmmmmm probably less injury potential for me than soccer???


Sadie is settling in nicely at home. Still pretty tired but she is very content and happy to be home.


Now I have to think about the gym membership. It comes up in 2 weeks. I'll have to give it some serious thought as to whether to stay, move to another gym or workout at home.

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dragged my butt to the gym at lunch

not much of a workout but at least it got me going


12 minutes on bike


2x12 incline bench

2x12 lats

2x12 shoulder press

2x12 rows

2x12 leg ext

1 45 second burnouts (was planning to do more but my breathing was acting up a bit)


dropped my weights to 50% of 6 rep max today.

felt pretty good

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another walk last night. 20 min

also threw in a 200m sprint and was humbled by the effortless pace of Sadie (our much loved family dog)

I'm going full out and she is playing with the leash!!! Maybe I need 4 legs too.........


felt a bit lethargic this morning but I packed the gym bag anyway. I think I'll try for another easy workout.


I'm still dreaming of the meal we had in NYC. I found a vegan food cart while searching on line

Went to it and had a great visit and fantastic food. The kids loved it too

Some of the highlights were crepes filled with lentils and fresh veggies and the vegan "drumsticks" (sort of a seitan-like roll on a sugar cane stick) served with an assortment of mild to hot sauces.

mmmm That was the best meal on the trip for sure!!!

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20 min on bike


2x12 incline bench

2x200m sprint


2x12 lat pulldowns

2x200m sprint


2x12 shoulder press

2x200m sprint


2x12 rows



I'm glad I went. I wasn't feeling much like working out but forcd myself to go.

cardio felt really good today

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went for a 40 min walk last night. After the vacation, I really see the benefits of walks. I find them very therapeutic in some ways too.


off to the cottage on the weekend

planning a pyscho pushup workout during the weekend (and lots of walking)

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