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It's one of those crazy days!!!!

I play soccer tonight ( at 11:15 pm ) !!!

Our goalkeeper can't make it.

Our backup can't make it.

3 separate staffing issues came up at work.

Just informed that a Gov't tax audit will be happening at work next month.

Just informed that we are behind schedule on a major project due Friday.

Just received the estimate to fix the plumbing problem we had on the weekend


Awww Heck, what's the worst that can happen?

We lose in soccer

I get fired

and I'm homeless due to bankruptcy.



On second thought, I'll stick with positive thinking!!!

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Whooaaa......SUPER tired this morning!

Played soccer last night at 11:15 pm and we were short players.

We were soundly thrashed 8-1

Our regular goalkeeper wasn't there and the backup wasn't there either.

I scored the goal but I probably should have had a couple more.


Came to the stunning realization that I'm eating too many calories!

It was baffling to me that my weight has remained constant as my diet is pretty healthy.

Problem is ...PORTION SIZE and having that dreaded second helping at dinner.

I've vowed to stop ordering the large size anymore and to stop having second helpings. (and no, I won't compensate with a larger plate )

Should make a big difference.

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You know..... I consider myself to be a "people person" but there are times....

I remember reading an article written by some entepreneur who said that the ideal number of employees in an organization is ONE!

Do you ever feel overwhelmed in that you are always helping others or solving other's problems?

Seems like I do that all day at work and then go home to family issues and then deal with volunteer issues........


I find that I really need escapism whether it is going to a movie, reading a book in complete silence, etc....

Finding that balance of helping others versus helping yourself can be very difficult. Learning to say no is imperative to your mental well being.

Could you imagine if you said yes to every request????


Well, now that I've finished my little venting of thoughts & feelings I'll go back to that growing pile of issues on my desk

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Dusted off the old Nordic Track machine last night.

put in 20 minutes last night and another 25 this morning.


That first 5 minutes just sucks but it gets much better once you get in the groove.


I've discovered over the years that the only thing that really works for me re: weight loss is cardio cardio and more cardio!


I think given my obsession with soccer, I would be best served by achieving a leaner physique. World class players at my height are usually around the 190lb mark.

I am currently about 225-230lbs. (there should be a little muscle in there ...)


I'll probably come to some compromise as I worked hard to get my shoulders big!

My next weigh in is on Sunday morning. Hopefully I'll see some results after 2 soccer games and the Nordic Track this week.

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I am soooo tired today!!!

I've been doing the Nordic Track every day for the past week except yesterday when I played indoor soccer.

I really enjoy this Sunday soccer. A bunch of old guys who know how to play and are good sports.


My metabolism must be kicking in because I'm always feeling hot and sweating buckets when I excercise.

Ya gotta love that little internal microfurnace!!!


I'm deferring my weigh-in until this coming Sunday.

Hopefully I'll show a bit of weight loss!

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Took a day off exercise yesterday.

Just felt sore and tired.


but.... Back on the Nordic Track this morning!!

Things are going well (except for my latest junk food infatuation....potato chips)


Next soccer game is Thursday night.


Discovered a comedy show which I like to watch... King of Queens.

Don't know how I missed this one all these years but I find it quite funny.


Have to step up efforts in having omnivores over for dinner.

In a small way I get satisfaction knowing that when they eat at our house, that's one less animal which will be killed.


And sometimes..... just sometimes.... they like the vegan meals so much they want the recipe


One of my friends here at work (her daughter goes to school with my son)

was asking me the other day for meat substitute ideas. I'm sure my son's endless campaigning at school had a little to do with it.

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So my nine year old daughter was critiquing my form the other day while I was doing pushups.


She kept saying "keep your bum down"


After a few times I said "It is down"


She responded: " Oh.... I guess it's because your bum is so big"



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So my nine year old daughter was critiquing my form the other day while I was doing pushups.


She kept saying "keep your bum down"


After a few times I said "It is down"


She responded: " Oh.... I guess it's because your bum is so big"





Haha, such an innocent insult. You know she had the best intentions!

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Whooo Hoooo!

Our team won a game last night 3-2

JW was on fire!!!! I scored 3 goals in the first half and then we hung on for the 3-2 win.


We were all in a state of shock afterwards.



In the last week or so, my appetite has been HUGE!!!!

not sure if it is my increased excercise level or the cold snap here which makes you want to add fat. I'm trying to get through this but cravings are soooo hard to resist.

I usually have an apple with peanut butter to stave off all those "bad thoughts"

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I've been obsessing over personal finances for the last week.

I tend to review everything in early January and it always makes me freak out a bit.

I REALLY don't want to be working when I'm 65 years old.


Maybe I should be one of those people who go to extraordinary lengths to save money. I think I could do it actually..... but that's just no fun!


Well enough rambling, time to get back to obsessing

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@%#^# &$$##@

I've got a cold coming on!!!!


I always know because I feel really tired and grumpy.


I still haven't found a remedy which will significantly lessen the symptoms.

I've tried vitamin C, Olive leaf, garlic


I can't say that anything has had a significant impact.


At least I don't have a soccer game this week.

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I hope you don't get sick! Fight off the cold as much as you can. Sorry to hear you are feeling tired and grumpy. I don't know what to suggest as a remedy other than sleep. That seems to work well for me. Sleep, rest, low-stress environments, lemons fresh air, and funny movies

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Remember how strict the Olympics used to be re: the amateur status of athletes? If anyone accepted money even indirectly for competing in an event they were deemed to be professional and ineligible for the Olympics.


So if I score a goal in my rec league soccer game and someone rewards me with $5 to get a beer....does that mean I'm a professional soccer player????


And since I once won money playing cards that means I'm a professional poker player right????


Good thing I've never accepted any money after sex

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Thank goodness they've relaxed on the rules now.

Used to be a huge disadvantage to the western nations. The Soviet hockey team for example were pretty much all pros but since they "worked" for the army and weren't paid to play hockey (yeah right ) they were deemed to be amateurs.


not exactly a level playing field

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The Butterfly Effect

you know that old saying that "if a butterfly flaps its wings in China.....a disturbance in the atmosphere will amplify until a storm emerges somewhere in the world"


So I must ask... what would happen if everyone in the world farted at the same time??????

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My reckless son is at it again


He just got out of his cast a week and a half ago.

Had his first physio appointment Wednesday, fell playing soccer on Thursday.

Now he's in a splint cast for a week and probably a fibreglass cast for another 3 weeks or so.


I think I'll wrap him in bubblewrap!!!


In the past year he has

* run into a tree in Mexico

(MASSIVE bump on his head, concussion, a few stitches)

* fell in the back hall while goofing around with his sister

(buckle fracture of the thumb, torn ligaments)

* had his wrist hit by an errant cast (how ironic) while playing at recess

(deep bruise to growth plate 5 weeks in cast)

* reinjured wrist playing soccer

(fracture?or furthering the growth plate damage??? )


I won't even mention all the minor injuries (cuts,scrapes and bruises from skateboarding and biking.



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Ohhhh how I despise office politics!!!!


I missed a training session yesterday because of an important deadline.

So our HR manager sends an e-mail to my boss and copies the GM about how a few people (including myself) have to make these training sessions a priority blah blah blah


I'm pretty ticked! A simple visit to me would suffice. You would expect a little more diplomacy fro Human Resources!?!

Ironically enough, this same HR manager asked to meet one of my staff yesterday afternoon. Then left the building about an hour later without informing my staff member! arrrgggghhh!!!!!


I don't want to resort to her level and e-mail her boss etc......

I just sent a note to my boss telling him how I feel about it.

I really can't stand this office crap! Too bad I can't work alone (just me.... no direct reports, no crap)


.............venting terminated............

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