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Training for a sport!


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Well guys it happened...I was wondering when it would come and here it is.....I CRASHED.....I just quit....


I just realised that what I'm doing is absolutely pointless!


The fact of the matter is...I NEED A SPORT TO COMPETE IN!!!!


I need to train for a sport I enjoy!!!!


I can justify the upper body/core work but the squats, etc are just a waste of time for me!!!


Training separate parts just doesn't make sense anymore I wanna train my body as a whole...


I can't belive how my mind and body just said no I'm not doing it!!!


I did the Dips, Handstands and chins then went for a big walk to think about what's the next phase! :rolling eyes:

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I doubt you'll get a sport which is an equivalent to the bodyweight training you've been doing. It'll be some tough cardio sure, and depending on the sport it will perhaps target certain muscles, but I doubt that just by playing a sport you'd get the same shape you're in, or maintain it necessarily? Athletes don't just train by doing their activity / sport over and over again. They also do specific training in a gym or whatever, right?


But in terms of trying to find a way to get a healthy body / muscular body by doing a natural activity that you'd normally be doing, I guess you'd have to find out what wild humans do and recreate that some way. rock climbing perhaps would be a big range of muscles trained, and also probably be similar to some things humans once did. I doubt humans would have naturally done any exercise for its own sake, no gyms, no bodyweight exercises, it would have all been for survival, tree climbing, running, lifting things to make shelter or whatever etc etc.

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eco challenge races.


also this obstacle course thing in japan. at the end of it, the finals, you have to traverse this huge course by haning and using your legs to get across, I can not find the link, but it was pretty cool and is dependent on control your body under any circumstance.






these talk about it, I some time see the show on espn

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