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Atlanta, Georgia?


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There is an awesome place to eat called Soul Vegetarian.


It is only maybe 30-45 minutes (if that) away from the airport.

They have one up here in Chicago and 2 down in Atlanta.


More than worth your time.




Soul Vegetarian Restaurant

879-A Ralph Abernathy Blvd. SW - Atlanta, GA 30310

(404) 752-5194

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Well if they have Gyros those are really good.

If they have protein tidbits you HAVE to get those.

Anything BBQ is always amazing.

I can't remember what I got from the Atlanta one but it was awesome.


The one up here in Chicago actually catered my all vegan wedding.

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I wasn't veg when I lived in Atlanta, so I don't have restaurant recommendations. I can tell you about transportation, though. I remember a lot of traffic jams, particularly certain areas at certain times of day. Public transportation in Atlanta is fairly good, though, and the trains come right to the airport. http://www.itsmarta.com/


Hope this helps some.

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I was at the Atlanta airport for a couple layovers in August, and if you don't have some nuts or something for yourself, the only thing you can get is coffee and water, or some overpriced salad. I couldn't even get a fruit smoothie at that airport. When I tried to get a fruit smoothie, the conversation went like this:


(Me): "Hi, can you possibly make me a fruit smoothie with just the orange juice and some of the fruits?"


(Guy): "Well, we put this mix in too."


(Me): "Can I see the ingredients?" (reads it: It contains skim milk, whey and casein among other fruit flavors and other things) "Can you just not put this in and just give me Orange Juice and some berries? I can't have milk or any kind of dairy product."


(Guy): "But it has all kinds of fruit in it too."


(Me): "Yes, but that doesn't compensate for the dairy, I can't have it."


If I would have continued the conversation I would have walked out of that airport in cuffs for breaking his jaw, due to frustration from other places having NOTHING to eat, but that's besides the point.

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