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Yoga for digestion...


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Hey, all you Yogis ,


I've read there are specific exercises for certain things: What are the best for enhancing digestion? I'm not having any problems with it, myself (though a couple friends I've gotten into eating more raw say they are having issues), but I do notice that after a meal, I, not only feel the need to stretch, but also feel much better after I do.

I don't go onto the floor or anything; I just stretch up high and pull my arms, do side bends and hold, etc.


Feels good. So I'm wondering if there are specifics?



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Hey there, long time...I lurk behind finbarrio sometimes, but tonight I actually logged in for a change...


Yep, any kinda twist is a great way to stimulate digestion - standing, seated, lying down, whatever. Also good are squats, childs pose (increases bloodflow to the abdomen), wind-relieving (again, do the right side first, then the left), and just about anything that puts pressure on your belly like bow or locust. I could even see deep belly-breathing helping some, since you'd be expanding the diaphram and sort of massaging the other internal organs with each inhale and tightening your ab muscles with each exhale - and that can be done anywhere, in the car, in the grocery store, whatever! HTH!

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Generally asanas are to be avoided right after eating.. with the exception of Bhojana-asana or Vajra-Asanas....its best to do light walking after eating.


For those who have problems with digestion, the following asanas are very helpful...


Just upon waking: Utks'epa Mudra (Wake up posture) -


After bath etc. and before breakfast:



1) Mayur-Asana (Peacock Posture) - 3- 4 times a day - hold for 30 seconds each time

2) Pada-hastasana (Hand to toe Posture) - 8 sets. hold for 8 seconds each

3) Utkata Vajrasana (Difficult Lightening posture) - 3 - 4 times. Hold for 30 seconds each time


Also: Kapal Bhati Pranayama AND Bahya Pranayama help greatly in digestion too (tone up digestive and sexual-urinary organs) .


(Evening) - With constipation


1) Agnisara Mudra (8 times each time hold for 8 seconds)

2) Diirgha Pranama (Long salutation) 8 x 8 sec

3) Yogasana (Yoga Posture) 8 X 8 sec

4) Bhujaungasana (Snake posture) 8 X 8 sec each



If possible, in the morning, also do Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) at least 11 times.


Its best to get instruction on asanas from a good Yoga teacher rather than doing them yourself as many things have to be kept in mind or they may even be harmful.

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