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I thought the film was very unfortunate, as it's really not a very great adaptation of the very start of the story, it's brutally over-censored and because it's only the start you don't get to find out what happens next unless you read the books.


I think the books are very good, although overall I'm not wild about the works of Katsuhiro OTomo, as to me they seem formulaic, as if he has this one concept he wants to make into a number of different stories.

But it's all a matter of taste... I usually prefer character-development / social relationshippy / cerebral stories to action films, so much of his work isn;t entirely my scene to begin with.


At it's most basic, Akira is a story about social decay, disorder, chaos and the foolishness of drug development without adequate control over distribution. It's a story about the short sightedness of a society supporting social rulers who do not act in their best interests, and about the things which might go on when nobody is around to see.

It is also a story about the struggle to survive in a decimated world, and about the gang-law which rules in such an inhospitable climate.

It's about the quest for power, and the havoc that power can wreak when it grows out of control. It's a story about control, and the lack of it.


Domu:A Child's Dream is by the same author, and is a similar story I thought, but it's much shorter being only one book long rather than six.


I saw Roujin-Z, also written by the same guy, and it too is like a "lots of things attack one person and it's all very hectic" sort of story.


I watched Memories, which is a compilation of 3 stories by the same guy, directed by different people.

One of the stories is a straight silly action story in the same vein as his others... with lots of things attacking one guy and it all being very hectic.... one of them was like a russian war cartoon, very distinctive, and the third was the best.... a beautiful and incredible story called Magnetic Rose, which is a science fiction story about what happens as the result of a space crew receiving, and responding to, a distress call from a vessel.

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I thought the music in Akira, in particular during the remembrances of childhood, were a big part of what makes it a good movie. The ending is also very good for being I dunno... epic/godlike. Also liked Princess Mononoke with the Forest God for sort of the same reason.

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The Akira film only goes up to the first volume, so it ends after the first large battle but if you read all of it, many more themes develop as the story continues. If anyone decided to read it, then I definitely reccommend reading the original version because the quality of the colouring in the reprints really isn;t very good I think, it's over-saturated, smudgey and dark and obscures a lot of the beautiful art-detail which you see in the black and white version. The art itself is amazing though, very splendid indeed.


I think that Princess Mononoke is a very good film.

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I like all of the Studio Ghibli films


I thought's Miyazaki's Future Boy Conan series was a bit tepid, but the films are awesome... stuff like Spirited Away, Princess Nausicaa, Howl's Moving Castle, Laputa, etc ... they're all good stuff.

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