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Sex Drive, Testosterone, Meat, Non meat products?


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So, I was having a discussion with someone about Veg benefits and he was die hard saying the following and would not budge.


Whats the reality?


1. Sex Drive - Is way much higher for people who eat meat. Vegetarianism can lead to impotency for a lot of people? What are Veg FOODs & SUPPLEMENTS that can help ?


2. Same thing about Testosterone -


I am not sure if 1 is a subset of 2 or the other way around.


Testosterone is the key driver for SEX drive ? or are there other ones?


Is SEX a key driver for Testosterone?


Which one affects the other and what other things affect both?

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Testosterone is important but that guys a complete moron...if you have higher testosterone from eating meat its because livestock is pumped with synthetic hormones that can't be cooked out...which in reality is no different than taking small amounts of steroids...so if anything you'll go impotent sooner than someone who doesn't have such high testosterone since unnatural high levels normally means low levels later on when you age. Just look at India...although they are no longer mostly vegetarian they still have more vegetarians than any other country(more than we have of meat eaters in the US) and they also have the second highest population on earth...second only to the nation which probably has the 2nd most vegetarians on earth. Somehow these people must be managing to have kids without erections

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My 'sex drive' is insane, especially when you consider that I'm celibate. But in terms of number of times I become aroused per day, and also what kinds of thing can lead to arousal, I think I am probably about average for someone of my age (24), but that's pretty aroused. I've never had impotency, and I haven't eaten meat since I was 5.

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Yeah...until I actually started having sex regularly I would pretty much have wood all day long ever since I became vegan...well I guess I always did but it didn't happen any less often when I went vegan.

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Skipping the obvious sexism of the testosterone=sex thang for the moment, I believe that VeganPotter is (no NOT has, is) the answer to the sex drive question.


Wow, I sure am funny!


Anyway, speaking from my own experience with well over a decade of eating a vegan diet I have "fathered" 3 babies, have noticed no decline in my sex drive, have no issues with impotency, am fairly hairy, have not grown "boobs", etc, etc.


My penis however, has indeed turned dark green from all the cholorophyll in my diet...

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I second the green penis thing...however mine is green because I give him a daily spirulina soaking for at least an hour every day...that and I went nearly a year without using him so I still have a bit of mold on it.

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LOL! you guys are funny.


BTW I grew up in India. LOL!.. I was born in to a Veg Family.. and have been that since.


As for the Indian population (maybe chinese as well) is largely because of the following:


1. 80% & more of population is VERY RURAL. Until the last decadde the only forms of entertainment there would've been.. ahem SEX

2. Contraceptives were not used then. Now I am guessing and seeing more.

3. In RURAL india there is / was a belief that having ONE MORE HAND IN THE FAMILY.. helped with the PRIMARY occupation. Which was AGRICULTURE.


Government has been very focussed on pushing out the TWO CHILDREN and NO MORE message. WE TWO, OUR TWO. How far its had an effect I really dont have the numbers.


In order to achieve high testosterone, you have to eat right.

You first want to eliminate things from your diet that bring your

testosterone down. Heavily processed foods, alcohol and drugs will

all damage your testosterone. It is alright to indulge in these things

once in a while, but it is a problem when it becomes habitual. Reduce

your intake of fast food, and avoid heavy drinking and drug use.

Soy contains estrogen hormones, so avoid soy-based foods such

as tofu. Also, consuming vegetables in itself is not bad for your

testosterone, but you also want to make sure to get plenty of animal

protein. It is not a coincidence that vegetarians are generally passive

and effeminate.


Instead, consume foods that will be beneficial to your testosterone.

Unprocessed meat, milk, nuts, fish and eggs will all help. If you need

to supplement the protein in your diet, whey protein shakes are also

an excellent source. Never consume soy protein; it is of lower quality

and will hurt your testosterone.


He sent me this excerpt and I was a little shocked. I just thought I'd share what I heard from him.

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Vegans are horNAY.


meat-eating boyfriend = impotent


other boyfriends = horny


vegan boy acquaintances = horny


general boy acquaintances = horny


most alterachicks I know = horny


Any more questions? Me, oh, that's obvious.


Do I think that eating meat makes a difference whatsoever? Not really. Well, maybe in that it's harder work for your body to digest "meat" and you lose "potential sex time" by being too lethargic....

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Why not ?

Not everyone is wild about penetrative sex or its risk of pregnancy.


I have a chronic immune disorder, so my sex drive is lame compared to other women my age. Although now i think about it, the women who i actually know personally who are my age seem to have dire sex drives also.


It is better now that I am vegan, than it used to be when i was vegetarian though.


And compared to other people with my condition to the same extent (which is often called 'the best form of contraception' among those who have it) I am certainly above-average libidinously, I think.


Now that I think about it, it depends on what you mean by 'sex drive' ....

I don;t desire for sexual intercourse, but seem rather more receptive to sexual approaches from my beloved than many if not most other females seem to usually be when approached by their partner.

Then again, my beloved isn't a selfish tool sexually, as many peoples' partners seem to be.


I gather that lots of (flesh eating) females never get very excited about anything at all sexually, and some haven't even had an orgasm yet ?!?


Before i became ill my libido was high, though.

I imagine this might be the case again, once i get better.

I've been ill with this ghastly energy-depleting condition for many years though, so it's hard to remember back that far, or to know how things might be once I recover.


Eating dead bodies and body fluids isn;t exactly sexy.... it's a brilliant way to deplete energy and clog up the guts with a bloated feeling, but not so great for revving up the sex drive.

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This guy is a complete moron. The simple fact that he mentions drugs in general as lowering your testosterone shows he knows absolutely nothing. Many drugs that are not intended to increase your testosterone do...I'd say a large percentage of prescription drugs do this, as well as illegal drugs.

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My 'sex drive' is insane, especially when you consider that I'm celibate.


Are you serious about the celibacy? Why?


Yeah, because contraceptives aren't 100% safe, the pill has side effects, abortions aren't fun, I don't want a vasectomy, and I don't want kids. Sexual intercourse isn't something which interests me in the first place, so it seems an obvious choice for me. But even with this point of view, I become aroused a lot, there's other things to be interested in apart from actual sexual intercourse.

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Well you can't be completely disinterested if your getting aroused alot...unless of course its vegan food doing that too you. What's wrong with a vasectomy??? Saves money in jimmy hats

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I don't fancy someone cutting a hole in my ballsack and cutting my balls off. I dunno, if I can get something solved without surgery, I'll do it that way.


You can get sexually aroused not just by the thought of actual penetrative sexual intercourse surely? That's how it is for me at any rate, penetrative intercourse isn't something which really goes through my head, I'm interested in other aspects of sexual interaction.


There was a time at university that I got bored and had nothing to do and I ended up masturbating 7 times in one day. That is a pretty bleak thing to have done, but at the same time, comes in handy to prove that arousal isn't a problem.

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Do other people really go from not thinking about sex, to putting their penis in? Is there no transition for other people, nothing else to do with their partner? To me there are about a hundred things which happen before then, and they're all enjoyable, and lots of alternatives besides penetration.

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Yes there are other things but for the most part they're to prep or cause more anticipation...however if your finishing short of that foreplay must be dinner or something

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Different things work for each person. My point is that a person can be aroused a lot of the time without thinking about actual penetrative intercourse, there are other things to be excited about besides that 1 thing. I imagine that many women especially feel the same way as me, and that shafting isn't the main thing they enjoy.

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True...lots of people like other things...I do too but in general those other things are like gateway drugs(I don't really believe in gateway drugs but you get the idea)

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