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I guess I'll post this now. Didn't get to post the other day.


I found out about this forum on other vegan forums. I decided to join, even though I'm not into bodybuilding. I would like to get in better shape though. I've been vegan since August of 2004.


That's really all I can think of saying right now.

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Welcome to our forum! We're glad you found us and we have a pretty cool group here. We started out as a vegan bodybuilding forum, but now we're a vegan everything forum from dating to traveling to entertainment.


I'm sure you'll have fun here and get to know some cool people and of course, learn and share lots of information.


Have fun and welcome aboard!

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i'm not into body building per say either, and probably don't even look like i work out all that much

i just love to feel great and to be strong, to be vibrant and healthy

basically, i love getting the most out of life, without being taken down by illness or things like the flu

by fueling my body with whole, healthy foods, and avoiding the vegan junk foods, i feel better and have great energy

glad you're here!

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