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Pig S***, and lots of it.


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That's a fantastic report to see in a mainstream mag like Rolling Stone.


This kind of stuff makes me so angry and sad at the same time.


"transmogrify" -- one of my favorite words; don't see it nearly enough these days That's about as good as that piece gets for me.


some highlights:


"...those who live near hog lagoons suffer from abnormally high levels of depression, tension, anger, fatigue and confusion."


" Sometimes the stink literally knocks people down: They walk out of the house to get something in the yard and become so nauseous they collapse. When they retain consciousness, they crawl back into the house."



"The Savages have had what seemed to be hog shit in their bath water. Their well water, which was clean before Smithfield arrived, is now suspect"


"Toxins and microbes can kill plants and animals outright; the waste itself consumes available oxygen and suffocates fish and aquatic animals; and the nutrients in the pig shit produce algal blooms that also deoxygenate the water"


"The sludge was so toxic it burned your skin if you touched it"


"Some are taken to rendering plants, where they are propelled through meat grinders and then fed cannibalistically back to other living hogs."


"...producing unheard-of amounts of pig shit laced with drugs and chemicals."


"People who breathe the shit-infused air suffer from bronchitis, asthma, heart palpitations, headaches, diarrhea, nosebleeds and brain damage."


And this, the response of the SF chairman, in the face of all of this:


"The animal-rights people," he once said, "want to impose a vegetarian's society on the U.S. Most vegetarians I know are neurotic."


I agree this should be read by everyone; hell, the AR/cruelty message need not even be broached.


what a disgrace.

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That was difficult to read but I'm glad it was published in a mainstream publication. The more people that become aware the better!

Thanks for posting.


It took me quite a while, and I didn't even finish reading it, but I knew it would be great for people who had the time to look into it.

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Something interesting, from a policy standpoint, is that the business is an economic failure. The report stated that if that company were to just meet the bare standards of waste management that any town must meet, it would operate at a loss. Those costs are being put on other people, involuntary, with that company escaping ist direct cost - it is socializing the waste cost onto society. So for the economy as whole, which must bare those costs, that company is a drain. Instead, if that company were in a true free market, where it and its customers had to bare the full cost of that waste, it would not be because it would consistently run at a loss and would cease to exist financially. So the question could also be an economic one - why is this allowed, from a policy standpoint?

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When I was growing up, there was a pig farm outside of my hometown. When friends and I would drive to the swimming area past the farm, we figured out exactly where the odor began and ended, and would hold our breaths (with car windows up and all) until we had passed it. It wasn't even a huge farm, but it smelled horrible. (I've heard that, besides the quantities of s$#$t involved, pig crap smells worse when they are fed a lot of corn...not a natural food for them).

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