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A way to help me with the ad issue


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Hey everyone,


A quick way to help me with the ad issue (at least temporarily until hopefully they get axed) is to let me know the URL (website address) of an add you see that is not appropriate.


Please don't click on the add, that increases the chance of it coming back. But just look at the bottom. Most ads will have a URL address under them.


Just list them for me such as:








I can take the websites listed and put them in my filtering system. Normally within 3-4 hours of being put in the system, those ads will not come back. That is why you don't see quite as many ones that don't apply. I've been actively trying to filter more of them out.


So, that is just one little way you can help me keep the ads relevant to this site.



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I think you're doing very well, and hope that Google gets the message and stops spamming your board with guff which isn't remotely appropriate.


I haven;t seen any inappropriate adverts during the last couple of days.


Just now I have the same Tescos vegan diet plan that i seem to get very often, a flab-loss thing involving drinking green tea, someone selling 'delicious vegetarian meals', and someone devising fitness workout plans for people.


It's all good !

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I'm glad some are working out. I worked on it for hours, up until around 1AM filtering ads.


I've discovered something that makes a lot of sense, at least to me.


The reason why some ads are so easy to control on some sites is because they are on static pages. If all the pages are about vegan things, only vegan ads will come up.


We are faced with the problem that we are a forum. Thousands of different topics come up and ads pop up to correspond with them. For example, today Jonathan posted photos of the Scottish Highlands. Sure enough, ads came up about the highlands, and about traveling in Scotland. Very helpful for the topic indeed. But say, someone asks a question about Eggs, or Whey. Ads for those things will most likely come up.


So what I'm doing is for the duration that the ads are up here, I'm filtering out whatever I can based on what pops up. Once filtered they are not supposed to return.


I've noticed that once filtering an add, some go away within an hour, others take up to 24 hours, even though Google says it should be only 3-4 hours until they go away.


So feel free to continue to give me URLs for the ones that come up, and I'll keep blocking them, so while the ads last, most should be helpful.


Thanks for your patience and assistance with this.

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